Camp NaNoWriMo and Trouble Connecting to a Lover.

I dropped out of Camp this month and I am really struggling with that decision. So I’ve decided I’ll write anyways, and have made it my goal to finish the novella that I’m currently working on amidst the craziness that is going on in the family life right now. This way, I can still have a goal, but if I don’t meet it, then I won’t feel like I have failed.

However, in writing last night, I realized I’m having a problem. A BIG PROBLEM.

I bet Stephen King doesn’t have this problem. Yea, ok I’m going to say he does just to make me feel better.

My main character is falling in love with this man. Only I’m having trouble connecting with this man. I know where they end up, and I need him to have a dark past that she gets hints of in this next chapter I’m writing, only, I can’t connect with his past. If I can’t connect to him, how am I going to get you to connect to him. If I don’t, then this story won’t be worth reading. I’m loving the story. The over all plot and ending has me so excited, only HE is falling flat, and her love doesn’t feel believable.

Now I’m asking for my readers help. I had read on another blog where they suggested asking questions about the character can help with insight to that character.

Here is a what I do know about him as of right now.

Name:  Tiberius Maximius Vispania.

Age:  About 19-20 years old.

Physical Characteristics : Bright Sapphire Eyes, Brown curly hair that hangs just below his ears, strong, but not overly bulky

Period / Location: 78-80 AD, Ancient Rome, under the rule of Empire Titus. ( Now if you know your history at all and couple it with the picture I’ve teased you with a couple of times, you may be able to pinpoint where my story is leading. Geesh! You guys just keep getting hints don’t you! )

Family: He is the son of a high status member of the colony during the Roman Empire. Has two little sisters, and an older brother who died a few years ago.

Known Past:  He left home for a few years and worked as an adviser with the Roman Empire. As he put it, “The Empire and I… well shall we say, had a difference in opinion. I’m no longer associated with the Empire. So I came home to help out my father. I wish to make a home here.”  While being an adviser for the Empire, he learned much about pagans, witches, and earth worshipers.

Special skills: Well other than how he makes my MC feel, and being a total charmer, almost overly so (seriously, in todays world, we would almost assume he is a player ), he is very good at hiding and seeing things without being seen.

That’s it. I just can’t find a connection to him.

This is where you come in. Now if you would please, in the comments below, ask me a few questions about the character, so that I can see if I can find his past.

I would much appreciate it.


5 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo and Trouble Connecting to a Lover.

  1. He does sound like an interesting and intriguing character already! And what a name 😀

    Maybe you could ask what is about him that has your main character falling for him? What is about him that makes him attractive? Not just physically, but overall.

    What childhood memories does he have? What has been his favourite pastime? Random questions, I know, but they might inspire something to pop up! 😀

  2. What kind of relationship does he have with his family (siblings especially)?

    You mentioned he had a dark past, but is he “broken”? If so, what part of him needs mending?

    What are his life’s infatuations?

    What are his best and worst personality traits? Is he a reserved deep thinker? Is he outgoing and playful? Is he spontaneous or a planner? Does he anger easily?

    What is he passionate about?

    If you find passion through his passion, sometimes it’s easier to connect with the character. In my series, I have two characters with opposite passions which made it really hard to connect with one or the other–until I got into their brain. I focused on how and why they think and had an easier time connecting. (I’m also writing from 1st person perspective so it was a bit easier to “get into their head” so to speak.)

    Good luck! He sounds like an awesome character so I hope you can find that connection soon!! 🙂


      And you hit the nail on the head. I do have to find passion for a character through their passion in these two characters.

      I know that part of my problem with getting them to connect is TIME. The whole novella is going to take place in about one weeks time. I know that makes “love” really hard to get deep rooted. ( ok impossible), but considering the “time” and the “culture” at the time, I think I can make it work.

      Thank you very much for those questions.

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