Obsessions and Murphy’s Law

Yes, I know I spoiled you ( or drove you crazy ) with all my post last week, and this week, you get a couple quick blurps? Come on Kimberly… get your crap together.

( Let this be a warning. I am going to talk about two things, that I’m sure you won’t  believe is coming from the same person. )

So, here is the thing. Besides the week being totally crazy, I’ve been obsessed. On what you may ask?

Obsession One:                     WRITING!

Of course my first obsession is writing.

I had mentioned that I had been writing up a storm. There is a short story that has been nagging on my brain for awhile and I decided to expand upon for a short story contest where the deadline is April 1. Well, I got so deep into the story, that even at 10,000 words it still felt hollow and … well BLEH. No way for me to modify this story down to the 6-8K word count requirement for that contest. I abandoned the contest, and ran with the story. I’m taking it to where it leads me, and adding what I feel needs to be added to make the story complete.

Well it’s now at about 15,000 words and a friend of mine read it and said that I need to at least self-publish it as a Novella, because she wants to recommend it to a few of her friends. Ok. Fine, but can’t I finish the story first? She laughed of course, and said I had to give her the completed story and she would run through it for editing.

Want a hint? Ok…



Obsession Two:                    GAMING.

Warning: There is a whole lot of geeking and gamer talk that is going to happen here.

Many of you know that I’m a Gamer. Well EverQuest 2 ( EQ2 ) to be exact. I have multiple classes that I play, but my main is a Warden ( though that has changed many times over the years, started with Wizard, then went to Defiler, Shadowknight, and Inquisy. I do love my Ratonga Beastlord though. ). Anyways, I digress.

Clicking on the picture will take you to the SOE Landmark website.

Sony Online Entertainment has been working on a new game called EverQuest Next and EverQuest Next Landmark for a few years. Just before Christmas, they set up a system for the community to buy their way into Alpha and Closed Beta for EverQuest Next Landmark. ( I have mixed feelings on this, but won’t get into those. ) Landmark is a separate game from EQ Next, but will be extremely similar. Anyways, a couple of my guildies in EQ2 bought access to Alpha, and with it came some Beta keys for Closed Beta, which started on Wednesday.

I was able to finangle one of those beta keys, and let me tell you. I AM SO DAMN IMPRESSED WITH THE GAMEPLAY, THE STRUCTURE, THE GRAPHICS (which I will be batting my eye lashes at the husband unit to upgrade my computer so it will run better when it goes “Live”), EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS GAME IS OFF THE CHARTS! SOE had stated many times before in their podcast, and during their SOE LIVE Twitch streams, that for YEARS, gamers for MMO’s have basically been playing upgraded versions of Dungeons and Dragons, which is true. EQ Next (Landmark) has taken this to a whole new level.

I’ve done beta’s for EQ2 expansions, and while I’ve enjoyed them, let me just say that I haven’t been this excited for a game in a long time. I’m totally obsessed. There are some things I did some /feedback on last night. One of which was some of the character movement controls, I’d really like to see the EQ2 controls implemented into Next. There are also changes from game to game, but I am having a little trouble with moving my char when I’m on the run, either by mouse of keyboard. There are also some issues with falling through the world, trees levitating in the air, harvesting a vine of ore and falling through the world in the hole you’ve dug (and yes, you can dig yourself into a whole and not be able to get out ), etc. This is BETA, these things are going to happen, and they rely on us to let them know about it, so that they can fix it.

Anyways, it has only been a couple of days, and I’m hooked.

Normal Stuffs

That is if you skipped over the gaming section, you may pay attention now.

I got signed up for the Wharf to Wharf!!!

They had a Local’s Only registration thing going (they double check it via zip code). It’s a Charity Fundraiser, and all the money stays local. It’s a major money maker for Santa Cruz County every year. Last year I really wanted to do it, but due to a miscommunication, and the fact they sold out in 48 hours ( that is 15,000 bibs people ), I didn’t get to do it. I was bound and determined not to let anything stop me from being able to do the race this year. This was a little frustrating in the process, but you may get a laugh out of it.

So I stayed up till midnight last night (oh DARN, an excuse to stay up and play in EQ Next Landmark ), to get registered before the Local’s Only sells out. They were only letting 3,000 registrations go through, and when those 3K were sold out, then we had to wait till April 1st, with the rest of the world to register. *GULP*

Like I said, I stayed up till Midnight to get registered, and when the little button said … Local’s Only Registration, I clicked faster than a Veyron on the Autobaun. Filled out the app, give them the husband unit’s credit card number to pay for my registration ( MUUAHHAHAHAHAHA ), and ….


I’m sorry, I live ¾’s of a mile from the finish line at Capitola Village, and I don’t live in Santa Cruz County?

Yea, ok. Maybe I did something wrong here? Go back check through all the info, nope. I still don’t live in Santa Cruz County. Maybe they want the little 4 digit code at the end of the zip code for verification. So, yes, at 12:15 am I’m sifting through all the junk mail to find that little code.

HUZZAH! I found one… back to the office, enter the code….


Log into Facebook, go to their site, and post on their wall… The following conversation occurred:

Me: Capitola isn’t Santa Cruz County? I have all three of us in my family to sign up but can’t because the system doesn’t think I live in Santa Cruz County. Missed out last year cuz y’all sold out so quick. Stayed up tonight to sign up and got hit with this. /sadness

W2W: We are now aware of this issue and apologize. It looks like we may have accidentally left out 95010. This will be updated as soon as possible. We will have this fixed first thing this morning. We’re very sorry about this oversight, it will be fixed shortly.

Me: Seems silly to have missed out on the zip code that the race ends in. :/ Well here is to hoping that there will still be slots left come morning.

W2W: Kim… yes, very odd oversight on our part to miss the finish line zip code. We’re very sorry and will do our best to have it up and running first thing in the morning.

[ Went to bed frustrated and on the verge of tears. Got about 4 hours sleep, jumped in shower, checked phone just as the following was posted. ]

W2W: this has been updated, sorry again and look forward to seeing you out there in July.

[Run to office, naked of course because I’m not taking ANY chances, register me, husband unit, and daughter unit, as quickly as the internet hamsters will go, and finally SUCCESS!! I live in Santa Cruz County Again! ]

Me: Thank you for the update. Was able to get all three of us registered. /happy dances… now to beat the time I entered.

W2W: glad it word out and sorry for the trouble.


Was it silly to be on the verge of tears when I went to bed last night because of a snafu? Yes probably, but Murphy’s Law has had his way with me this week.

I’ll make the long story, super short, as this post has apparently gotten to novel lengths. On Wednesday, I took a Vacation day to meet with the daughter unit’s High School Counselor (insert Mom freak out because her daughter is old enough to go to high school. I just got out of high school like 5 year ago right? ok fine, 10 years ago. The 90’s where only 10 years ago right?). Got that done, then went to get tires on my truck. Hello Murphy’s Law. My Name is Kim Ringer. /sigh

What’s the issue? Well I have oversized 31’s on there, and they aren’t allowed to oversize tires anymore. Okay.  Give me the 26’s. What? Those are discontinued, so can’t get those? After several calls to corporate, waivers signed, giving away my first born’s first born, total of 5 hours (in two trips to the shop because they had to special order them ), all for something that should have taken no more than 2 hours at the MOST… I got tires on my truck.

I have to admit, when the guy called to verify that the tires were going to be delivered that afternoon, only to be told that the order hadn’t been processed on their end in time, the guy’s eyes flared like a volcano (*cough* reference picture above *cough*) and he let him have it. His words were, and I quote, ” Has the truck left yet? No? Ok then go take 4 tires and load them on the fucking truck.” I mean, how can you be mad at the company for everything, when they go to those lengths to get the tires so they can do the job. I was impressed. Frustrated and fed up, yes, but impressed.

Well, there you have my week. Between Obsessions and Murphy’s Law, it’s been fun.

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!

7 thoughts on “Obsessions and Murphy’s Law

  1. Hey I’m signing up my first born baby for high school this week too! How is that possible? She was just in diapers last year! #LivingInThePast…sigh!

    Back to the story….I don’t think it was silly of you to cry over this, especially since you’ve been waiting all year and then all night to sign up for this. I’d be in tears too! Glad you were able to contact them and get this all sorted out!

    1. In doing some updates, and such, I somehow missed this comment entirely! I am so sorry.

      I do believe as parents our perception of time will always be warped when it comes to our kids. She will always be my baby girl no matter how OLD she gets. 🙂

  2. Sounds like you’ve been having a good time 😀

    I think it’s better to let a story run, let it flow and it will turn out much better than trying to restrict it 🙂

    1. I completely agree. It has sort of taken on a life of its own, but I am having a slight bit of block on how to get from point S to point Z. There has to be something in there to tie them together ( yes I know .. T -Y ), but it just isn’t coming to me.

    1. Yes. That is all the hint your getting right now. It’s actually a good hint, if you clicked on the picture, it should have given you a title of some sort to tell you what it was.

      I will let you know when I have the novella ready to go. It has quite a ways to go, as it isn’t finished yet, but I’m neck deep in it.

      1. Oh wait…thanks for the hint supporting your hint. I should have recognized it (I stood on top of that thing once;))…all the more curious to your story now;)

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