My Weighty Story: Finding the smallest THING.

As you know, I’ve been struggling. I’ve been walking, eating better, making the effort, and for once actually keeping some balance.

Balance, you say?


Yes. Balance.

I’ve been writing up a storm, taking care of my family / house duties, walking, stretching, and even found a yoga DVD to do at home. ( Btw… thank you Lauren for that reminder that things do come on DVD still and all my answers are not necessarily found on the internets… even though I did order the DVD from Amazon. 😀  YAY 2 Day Shipping. ) See Balance. I’m actually doing it.

HOWEVER, none of that is showing on the scale for the last lets say… 6 weeks.

Up 10, down 2, up 5, down 3, up 2, down 1, down .2 (yes POINT 2), etc. It really isn’t transitioning to the scale at all. Let’s just admit … EVERYONE… that even though the scale doesn’t show everything… YES THE DAMN ARSEHOLE DOES MATTER. Oh but “Kim, muscle weighs more than fat!” I hear you saying.

No 5 pounds of fat = 5 pounds of muscle (it’s just like what is heavier? 5 pounds of feathers or 5 pounds of bricks. DUH they both weigh 5 pounds ) … they just take up different amounts of space. Fat takes up more space than 5 pounds of muscle. So we should be leaning out, if we don’t see a change on the scale, but we want and need to see the damn results on the scale.

One of my bestest (yes, that is a word, because I deem it so ) friends EVER is also having issues with success showing up on the scale. I reminded her last night that the weight didn’t come on over night, it isn’t going to come off over night. Then I thought, well she is feeling the same way I am. Shouldn’t we at least be seeing it in some kind of fashion if not on the scale? I know she is kicking butt walking every day, she calls me on her breaks sometimes when she is out on a walk, etc. I know how she feels.

It is HARD, and I have to remember that this isn’t going to be easy, but DAMN IT I want to see results.

Not to mention that lately, all I have been seeing in the mirror is this huge “muffin top” and “dunflap front” stomach. I mean, I put on my pants and t-shirt and all I see is this huge stomach sitting flopping out for the world to point at and laugh. I’ve been REAL frustrated and grossed out by my body.

Then this morning happened … I grabbed my jacket that I bought a couple years ago, because it was on sale. I could wear it, but there was no way I could zip it up. Around here, we don’t usually get anything below say 30 degrees, and if we do it is VERY rare. Yes, I’m spoiled. Go ahead make fun of me… oh wait, on second thought don’t.

ANYWAYS, I grabbed my jacket this morning, put it on, and pulled it around me and then I noticed… umm… the tummy area overlapped. WHAT? No there is ALWAYS an inch or two between the zippers.

Hummmm…. So I dared… I dared to ATTEMPT To zip it… and well… below is the result…


Yes, that is my excited – happy – shocked – no make up face. Yes..  I’m a total goober I know. I’m still shocked. I couldn’t believe it! It wasn’t even tight. It was tighter around my boobs, but that’s genetics. Things always will be.

So to that bestest friend I mentioned above and anyone else who may be struggling right now … I know how you are feeling right now. I’ve been there, but remember that not all measurements are shown on the scale. Look for other measurements of success. Are you walking farther than you have been in the past? Are your clothes fitting any better? Do your joints not hurt as much? Are you able to lift more at the “gym” (and I put those in quotes because maybe you’re just doing it at home.)? Are you able to stretch farther than you had in the past? etc. Try to find the even smallest of positive change, and see if that helps you at all.  Even if you can’t find it, I’m still here for you.

I love you. Keep your head up people. Change is happening, you just have to look for it. Sometimes it isn’t big change, sometimes it’s the smallest of things.

(Note: Yes, I’m not wearing my wedding ring. If you look though I had to put it on a necklace because it falls off my hand. )

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