Here we go … AGAIN


Yup. I’ve signed up for another NaNoWriMo… only this is CAMP NANOWRIMO, which takes place during the month of April. I think I’m “cruising for a bruising” as I’ll be shooting for 50,000 words in a month again.

In November, I did NaNoWriMo and completed the rough draft for Book 2. This time around I’ll be working on the 3rd and final book in the trilogy. I’m not sure if I’ll finish the novel, but it will at least get me going.

Who else is up for Camp in April?

I’ve also downloaded and will be using a new writing program called Scrivener.


I’m hoping I can consolidate all my research and notes to make finding them all much easier. I don’t mind writing in Word, but I have found I need to find a better way to at least organize my notes. There must be 5 or 6 different documents, and if I’m searching for just one piece of a giant puzzle, well, that gets a bit daunting. It was only $40 so, I don’t feel like I’m breaking the bank even if that is all I use it for. The plan is to write all of Book 3 into Scrivener and see if I can adjust to it. I’ve heard a lot of great things about it, I’m just one that is reluctant to change, but if that change really will help me in the end, then, I’ll give it a go.

Anyone else use Scrivener? Have tips?

Oh and one more thing, I’ve decided to submit a short story into a contest.  EPPP!

I’m in the process of moving the short story into Scrivener, while keeping the original version in Word. It’s an adjustment but I’m learning.

11 thoughts on “Here we go … AGAIN

    1. Well you also have a lot on your plate right now. Not that I don’t, but I don’t mind loading up on writing. My brain is in over drive right now on creativity. I just need to focus it.

  1. Going to try Camp NaNo as well this year. I’ve heard good things about Scrivener but for a huge procrastinator like me, I’d probably spend most of my time playing around with the features rather than actually writing lol. Let me know how Scrivener works out for you and good luck with Camp!

    1. Thank you!

      So far I’m loving Scrivener for organizing my notes. Folders, subfolders, pictures, etc…. It’s been great for the short story I’m going to revise for the short story submission.

      I haven’t started organizing it for The Five Angels. That is going to take a lot of work and time.

      1. Yeah, the corkboard seems to be a really great feature. Like you, I also have files all over the place so I think maybe for planning and organization Scrivener could really come in handy, as long as I don’t spend all my time staring at how pretty it all looks in Scrivener LOL.

      2. Staring at it and admiring the organization is going to be something I struggle with, however I think that even if I’ve spent the $40 and all it does is become my organizational tool, I still think it will be a $40 WELL spent.

        Good Luck and Happy Writing in NaNoWriMo. I loved it in November, so I’m taking the leap here in the April.

  2. Kylie Betzner

    5ok when you don’t have to? That’s committed. Good luck! Maybe I’ll see you on the forums!

  3. Good luck Kimberly with your writing, I love your posts! I’d be higely interested to see how you find Scrivener as several people have mentioned it to me on LinkedIn. Xxx

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