Day 40: Clarifying ISBN

Very useful information for authors. I know I didn’t realize you needed separate ISBNs.

Strange Writer


There’s a lot of mixed messages on the net about ISBNs.  I’ve read a lot of different articles and sources about them, some of which contradict the other, so there seems to be a lot of misinformation and confusion about how to apply the ISBN to digital books.  I went straight to the source (Thorpe Bowker in Australia, but you can find your ISBN provider in your country using the International ISBN Agency website).

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number.  If your book is a family genealogy and you’re only handing it out to family members, then you don’t need to fork out the money for an ISBN.  If you’re planning on selling it (even if the list price is a $0 value, i.e., free), then you need an ISBN, as it is a unique code specially assigned to your book.  Book retailers and libraries catalogue their…

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