Wall-E Tails: Walkies, Cousins, and Lovies!

I had a wonderful weekend!

There was no water falling from the sky and it was warm. Mom even was in shorts, though I have to warn you, my eyes took some time adjusting to the bright white that is Mom’s legs. So, be careful if you see Mom is shorts for awhile ok?

So what else made this weekend fun?

My cousins Huckelberry and Penelope ( Grandma-ma’s  Beagle and Chiwinnie ) came over for the 2nd weekend in a row!

Huckelberry Penelope

It seems like forever since I had seen them, and then I got to see them two weekends in a ROW. I was very excited. Mom didn’t take any pictures though. I had to have her send a text to Grandma-ma to send me a picture to show you what they even look like. I don’t know what was wrong with her. We were being very good doggies. My human sister gave us treats and asked us to sit, lay down, and I even got to show off a little bit by doing some of the other tricks I know for my cousins. Why wouldn’t she want to take pictures of that?! I mean I’m her favorite subject!

She didn’t take pictures of me all weekend! We even went on a couple of adventures. We went for walkies around the neighborhood and down to the beach. It was beautiful outside, and I got to lay on my step in my territory and soak up the sun. I can’t stay on it for very long though because I get too hot. Mom tries to tell me why it happens.  I just look at her like I understand what she’s saying, but I don’t.

What Mom?

Oh… She says that its SCIENCE! Whatever that means.

Anyways, even though Daddy went hiking and camping for the weekend,  I got lots of lovies all weekend. Don’t worry, when Daddy got home he made up for it. He gave me TONS of lovies and a treat when he got home.

Then yesterday, I even got to come to work with Mom again. I like hanging out on her desk. It was a bit cold, so looky what Mommy did for me?


She got me wrapped up in a nice warm blanket. Once I was all warm, I just tucked my head under the covers and took a nap.

Have a great week everyone! I’ve got naps to attend to.

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