Are you BLIND!?

Ok… So I’m going on a little bit of a rant today.

On my way to work there were a couple of people driving down the road, that wanted to match each others speeds, which I don’t mind, but when driving right next to each other, instead of inline with each other… guess what you’ve just pissed a whole bunch of people off.

Now, here is the kicker. If they were matching speeds and we were flying down the highway at 75 mph, then that would be one thing, while frustrating and such as it would be, at least we were moving efficiently.

Maybe these drivers didn’t get the memo, but a few years back we went from a everything is 55 mph, unless otherwise posted, to look to see what it is posted, and go that fast system. (Yes, I know so technical right? )

See that? THAT is what is posted going down Hwy 1 from Castroville into Monterey numskull. That means you should be going at least that to keep from being run over, especially during the morning commute hours. ( Seriously, at least 65 mph. If your going any slower, you’re bound to get run over by those doing at least 80 or 85 during commute hours. ) Instead, these two dumb dumbs decided to drive right next each other driving… wait for it.

45 mph.

Yes, they were not even going down the highway at the OLD “standard” of 55 mph. No, these two cars thought it would be great to go down the HIGHWAY at 45 MPH.

No there wasn’t anyone in front of them impeding their progress down the road, no there wasn’t any heavy fog, heavy rains or any other road condition in that section of the drive to justify  driving slower than at LEAST the speed limit. It is foggy, but it is  a high fog, that will probably burn off in the next couple of hours, and doesn’t cause any visual glare, or haze.

There was NO reason to drive 45 mph doing the highway.


You are a traffic hazard in your own right. Now I am one to say that nothing impedes traffic more than a cop / highway patrol, sheriff, police, etc. (whatever you call them), BUT WHERE WAS ONE WHEN YOU NEEDED ONE.

Ok, look, if you want to go 45 down the highway, fine, and dandy, but seriously, if you find someone else doing the same thing, at least both of you be in the slow lane, so those of us who drive the road every day, and could drive it in our sleep, and just want to get to work, and get our Monday over with, can get there and get it done. PLEASE!


/drops microphone and steps off soap box and tromps off

8 thoughts on “Are you BLIND!?

  1. My person says she agrees – there’s nothing more frustrating. I wouldn’t know. She makes me pull to the side when anyone passes us on my trails.

  2. Wow they were definitely a traffic hazard. Going that slow on a highway is dangerous. That wouldn’t fly in Chicago. You either match speeds with the pack or get off the road (and someone will push you off the road if they are crazy enough to do so).

    1. As far as pushing them off the road in Chicago… ya’ll have so much ice, that wouldn’t be hard to do at all in any way shape or form. I have a friend there who said that the city has run out of salt and sand, and has now resorted to putting gravel on the ground for traction.

      1. Lol!! That’s so true. But they haven’t done the gravel thing near me. The council was pretty content with letting us slip all over the ice until the sun melted it for free.

  3. I have never driven on an American highway as I live in UK, but they look rather intimidating 😀 But yeah, those going slow down a road that is made for getting certain speeds can just be a real hazard to those behind, especially if they don’t get in the correct lane.

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