My Weighty Story: This Could Only Happen to Me

So I’ve really been buckling down on everything the last month. YAY ME! I have focus again. While the full picture, came together last week and this week, it didn’t really show much on the scale.

Last week, in my post What the? I was shocked to see that I had GAINED 4 pounds. 4 pounds in one week. I couldn’t believe it and decided Friday morning to weigh myself again. Only that certainly didn’t help matters. I GAINED 6 pounds OVERNIGHT! That means that the last week of February I GAINED 10 POUNDS. 10 pounds in one damned week.


Ya, to say I was bummed would be a massive understatement. Well on Sunday, I did a figurative slap in the face to myself and said, ya, ok it makes no sense at all, and so what are you going to do about it? Just sit around and mope about it? Is that going to make the weight come off? Is THAT going to make me feel better?

Well of course the answer was NO!

big girl panties

I put on my big girl pants and hit the street. Sunday, I did a 3.5 mile walk ( up and down hills ) and came home exhausted, but feeling good. Monday, I did my strength exercises and the Dark Horse workout (it’s a post that one of my friends posted on Facebook, that even has the instructor winded and tired), and walked about 2 miles when I got home.



Then Tuesday happened. I got up, stiff, but feeling ok. About mid-way through my getting ready to tackle the day, I started to have a sharp pain go from my hip down the side of my legs.  Ok. Well I’ll just try to walk it out. Maybe I slept on my hips wrong or something.

Long story short. No, I couldn’t walk it out. The pain was so weird and frequent, I can’t sit for more than 20 minutes or stand for more than 20 minutes. What made it even stranger and freakier, when the pain would go down my legs, they felt weak and unable to hold my weight.

While this alone is a problem, I also have the added issue of having to sit in the car for an hour on the way to work, where I am a Legal Secretary and by its description, sit on my ass all day at a computer, and then have to drive home in the car for an hour.

Possible solutions:

  1. Hubby gave me a gift certificate for a massage at a Spa in Capitola, and since I’m way over due for one anyways ( I usually try to go every 2-3 months to keep my back and shoulder happy), I’ll see if it’s just something that can be fixed that way.
  2. If massage doesn’t help, I’ll go to Doc N’ the Box ( Doctor’s on Duty aka Urgent Care ) and have them take a look at me. I’d call my regular doctor but he can take 1-3 months to get into.

Well I have to say that Caress Day Spa in Capitola does give you the feel of going for a relaxing massage. Warm bed, warm blankets, etc. The Spa experience. Sophia was wonderful. She listened to where I have my trouble areas, agreed when she felt my back, and then went to work. She was magical. Total Thumbs Up!

On the way home, luck struck me! My regular doctor’s office called and wanted to confirm my appointment for Thursday morning at 7:45 am (which somehow wasn’t in my phone) WOOT! HELLS YEA! I’ll be there!  SCORE! Don’t have to go to Doc N the Box.

My second stroke of luck for the day? Husband Unit is off work today, so I got to take the “hot rod” ( the Mini ) which has seat warmers, so I essentially was able to drive to work today with a heating pad on my back.

Yes, it’s a little creepy looking, but I feel mischievous in stealing the husband unit’s car for the seat warmers. It’s the little things in life.

My back over all feels much better, along with my shoulder and right arm. Plus, my right leg doesn’t have any more pain in it at all. WOO WOO! Bad news, still issues with the left leg.

So I met with the doctor, we talked about my weight stuff, looked at my food journal, my workout journal and said that I was doing everything I could… but get this… He couldn’t give me an answer as to why I gained 10 pounds in one week.

He said… woman, because he wouldn’t discuss men, it isn’t fair. He can send them to 24 Hour Fitness and tell them to stop eating fast food, and BAM! They lose weight. It isn’t a fair comparison.  Woman, naturally, want to hold on to weight for child bearing, so it is harder for us to lose it. Period. Our bodies fight it, and that he just thinks the 10 pounds was my body being stupid.

As for my leg pain, well he poked, prodded my back and butt, and then finally started to laugh. He pushes on a spot in my butt and asks if that hurts. What do I do??

I about jump out of my skin. YES that hurts, I say as pain shoots down my leg and try to wiggle away from him. Don’t poke there!

He says that what I did was… wait for it.





Yes, you read that. I pulled a muscle in my ass. Ok, now I’ve had sore muscles there, and everything, but I don’t think I have ever pulled a muscle in my tuckus that I didn’t feel.

Seriously. My butt doesn’t hurt.  Sure, there is tightness in that spot, but it doesn’t hurt at all. That is until someone goes and pushes on it.

So yes, not only I can I gain weight for no reason, even according to the doctor, and then promptly follow it up with a pulled muscle in my rear.

Welcome to my life.

OH! So what happened this week on the scale? Well I lost 4 of the 10 pounds I mysteriously gained last week. The scale went in the right direction this week, so I’ll take that as a win.

5 thoughts on “My Weighty Story: This Could Only Happen to Me

  1. What a great post! Not good about gaining weight, I totally know how you feel on that. I only have to look at a pastry and BAM, I’ve gained 4lb. Glad to hear your pain was only a pulled muscle though 😀

  2. So your doctor tells you being a woman basically kinda sucks when it comes to losing weight? Well, I coudl appreciate the honesty there…at least you know it’s not you doing anything wrong. Good to hear you lost another 4 pounds, though…
    Btw, would it help to express the weight you gain in kilos and the weight you lose in pounds? (as in, you gained like 4.5 kilos, but you also lost 4 pounds?:S)…or does that kinda mindmessing only works with me, because I’m male…and just simpler that way?:S

    1. I wouldn’t begin to be able to convert it from pounds to kilos. Besides… I’m blonde. Ain’t no way I’d be “smrt” enough to do that. Not to mention it’s math.

      I live in America. We are “special” and have decided that the metric system is for CHUMPS! /snicker.

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