Wall-E Tails: I don’t have to go THAT bad.

Just like every morning I went to the door and rang the bell like a good doggie does. Mom and Dad taught me that if I have to go potty, to ring the bells. So I do, because that’s what good doggies do.


I’ve learned that if I ring the bell, I get to go outside. I’ve even been sneaky and rang the bell because I just want to go out there and bark at people. Hehe. I’m such a sneaky doggie. I don’t think Mom and Dad have caught on to that yet.

What was that Mom?

You have caught on?

Oh. Okay.

So like I said I rang the bell because I was crossing my paws, I had to go potty so bad.

Mom opened the door, and there was that sound again. The sound of rain falling from the sky and hitting my porch. I really have to go potty though, so Mom coaxed me out onto the porch, where it was still dry, because as you know I don’t like to get wet.  Last night she knew I had to go so bad that she picked me up and carried me out to where the water was falling from the sky and made me go potty.

This morning, I walked over to the stairs that lead to where my potty area is and looked, sniffed, and then realized that it was really wet.

I stuck my nose out, all was ok, so I started down the stairs…




MOM! I really have to go potty, but … but… the water attacked me!

Mom tried to pick me up again and just carry me out there but she missed me. I’m little and quick. It may be first thing in the morning and I MAY have just crawled out from bed, but I can still be quick like a fox if I need to be. When she couldn’t pick me up to force me out there, she tried to coax me down the stairs .


Yea. I’m not buying it. The water ATTACKED me.

Well she kept trying and trying, but it didn’t work. There was no way I was gonna go out there. The water attacked me. I don’t need to go potty THAT bad.


Mom and my human sister continued to get ready this morning, I ate my breakfast, and still had to go potty, but there was no way that I was going to go out there now.  When everyone was ready to go, Mom loaded me in the truck and we dropped my human sister off at school and took off for Mom’s work.

I still hadn’t gone potty, and I still REALLY had to go. I looked outside and there was still water falling from the sky, but *sigh* I really have to go. I laid back down and tried to hold it. It wasn’t easy. When we were about 10 minutes from Mom’s work, I told her that I really had to go. I whined, and looked at outside, and sighed and whined. Then… she told me I have to wait.

Can you believe she didn’t pull right over for me to go potty? I hadn’t gone since before the dark! I need to go potty! My paws are crossed here Mom!

She still didn’t pull over for me. I mean it takes us an HOUR to get to Mom’s work. I’ve been holding it for a long time.

FINALLY we got to Mom’s work. I whined and looked at Mom again when she pulled into her parking lot.

The water was still falling from the sky, but I didn’t care anymore. I NEEDED TO GO!

I found a good dirt area to go potty, and instantly felt better.

Licks and Woofs


Message from Mom: So as many of you know California is FINALLY getting rain. We have needed it in a really really REALLY bad way. ( You can read my previous post on just how bad it was here in Monterey County here: We Need RAIN to wet the SOIL at HOME. ) The rain has been coming down for a little over a week now, and while I love listening to it, finally getting rain, etc., the only down side is that we have received over 50% of our annual rainfall in ONE storm. The ground needs a chance to soak it up some. Right now most of it is just running off. Though I did notice this morning that the Pajaro River in Watsonville, which has been bone dry for over a year, actually has standing water in it. A little more rain and it might actually be a RIVER again and not have a petition for it to be renamed Pajaro Lake or Pajaro Drybed. At any rate, we need a few days to dry out a little, then it can ran like crazy again. These few days are not supposed to be much in the way of heavy rain, but just a lot of misting and sprinkles, which this morning it was only a super light sprinkle, almost a mist. Ya, that’s the kind of water that “attacked” Wall-E this morning.

4 thoughts on “Wall-E Tails: I don’t have to go THAT bad.

  1. Dear Wall-E, I must say you really really impress me by holding it up so long. I imagine most dogs, other animals and male homo sapiens would have caved long before you did. Well done!

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