My Weighty Story: What the?

Ok so the last two weeks I lost 2 pounds. I wasn’t walking religiously, and I was focusing on my food. I did well.



Oh don’t get me wrong. I kept my food just where it had been. about 1200 calories a day, consisting of a cinnamon raisin bagel with light whipped cream cheese ( so it seemed like there was more on there than there was, it’s the little things that trick my mind. ) , a turkey sandwich ( which was either on wheat break or a tortilla with miracle whip and no cheese ), and whatever we had for dinner. I had a baked sweet potato (skinned with just a little bit of butter ) with a veggie of some sort ( broccoli one night and green beans another. It’s what we had in the house. ) a couple of nights because the hubby wasn’t home. Not to mention the 3 liters of water (at least) I drink every single day. ( I use the formula of : Take your weight, cut that in half, and drink that many ounces of water every day. For me, that ends up being about 115 ounces ( which is just over 14 glasses a day. I have a 1.5 liter bottle I refill about 3:30-4:00 every day ). )

PLUS…. I WALKED EVERY SINGLE DAY. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Even during the heavy rains yesterday ( I caught a window where I was about to sneak out before the deluge occurred ). I’m very proud of myself. I started the week at about 1-2 miles, and the last couple of days I was at 2-3 miles. I even started doing my strength exercises while at work too for that little extra ummff.

Yes, I know my food looks a little heavy on the carbs, and I am not one of those people who eat like a rabbit or do the paleo food diet, or are serious about eating all the “whole” foods. I could be, for a short while, but the fact of the matter is that I could do that for a little bit, but I would get so burned out, that I wouldn’t be able to keep it going. I’ve tried them before, and this is one of those things that I’m glad others can do it, but it does not work for me. That’s fine.

The one thing that has me concerned is that I did run out of one of my meds this week, and I have to wait till next week for my doctor to come back from gallivanting around the world to get a refill. Yesterday, I was also an emotional wreck and I ended up going to the store and buying a bunch of stuff to bake ( cookies, cakes, muffins ) and came home and made half a batch of chocolate chip cookies ( which I’m proud to say, I haven’t touched, though the husband unit did 🙂 ) and chocolate chip muffins ( I did have one of those fresh out of the oven ). So yes, I do think I’m PMSing and that could have something to do with it…. but SERIOUSLY? 4 FLIPPING POUNDS?!


I dunno, maybe it’s a combination of everything. At either rate I’m totally bummed out. I worked so hard this week, I did what I’m supposed to, and I gained the last two weeks of weight back. UGGG.

Really the only thing I can do is pick my fat ass up and continue to move and really try not to let it get to me ( but UGG!). This week I’m going to TRY to be a little more diligent of my food and see if I can work some veggies into my meals a little more. I’m not much of a veggie person.  I also bought some different breakfast options, so that the carbs won’t be starting off my day every day.

Here is to another week. Keep Moving!

12 thoughts on “My Weighty Story: What the?

  1. Maybe all that walking is making you gain muscle which is heavier than fat. The upside is that you’re measurements would decrease. Or it could just be a little water gain – I say don’t worry – you’re doing all the right stuff. Sending good vibes your way.

  2. I know how hard it can be to work your butt off and then the scale moves in the wrong direction! Don’t despair! Could it be lack of sleep? That’s one of my worst triggers for weight gain. Or the old “hormonal” monthly mother-of-all-weight-gainers which will certainly add water weight? Just keep walking, in any case, because that will keep you healthy even when the scale is against us. More power to you!

  3. I hate the scales! Always trying to bring me down and make me feel unmotivated! Keep going though, it’s such a long process, you will get there in the end! 🙂

  4. Sending you hugs Kimberly. I have not got on the scales since Christmas. I can walk loads eat less and still gain pounds. It totally sucks:( Kindest regards Eily x

  5. I only clicked the ‘like’ button out of support, not because I like the news;)
    I’m not a doctor or biologist, but I think the human body works in mysterious ways. As I said in my comment on your previous post, you’ve come a long way already…Perhaps the mountain analogy is applicable here. Most mountains don’t have a line that goes straight to the top…there ups and downs in between. Guess that’s part of nature:S

    1. It is part of nature, and there for sure are peaks and valleys to my journey. There are some medical issues that I have to make sure to keep in check in order for everything to line up perfectly to lose weight.

      I always take likes on a post like this as a method of support instead of “I like that your miserable.” I mean who would be vicious to say I’m going to like this post because I love how miserable they are. 🙂

      1. yeah, I figured you wouldn’t take my ‘like’ the wrong way, but it just felt weird pressing ‘like’ after that…all I can say is: keep up the good work!

  6. Ah, you can do it 😀 It’s stressful, yah, same thing my sis is battling with. She gets easily depressed by the scale and well, I just have to find ways to stop her from starving herself. We just have to understand how our body works sometimes 🙂 And I also agree with the others–it could just be gaining muscle or water weight. But don’t stop! Usually when you stop it’s when the body’s ready to give you the results 😀

    1. I completely agree. I was just really frustrated. To make matters worse… On Friday, I got on the scale again and seemed to gain 6 pounds overnight… so that would be 10 pounds in a WEEK!

      My body is all outta wack. I’m still doing what I’m supposed to though, eating right and walking. Yes. Even in the rain. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and reading.

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