Short Story: Lindy meets Arturno

(Ida Lupino)
(Ida Lupino)

“Lindy Winslow” I said shaking his hand, which lingered in mine just slightly longer than it should have.

“Welcome to the Nalrin Library Lindy. I’m Arturno Keller.” He said his cheeks blushing slightly. “Julian says you have an affinity for being able to decipher ancient text?”

I nodded and followed him as he turned toward the stacks in the back.

“So where have you been working previously to this vocation assignment?”

“I was in the Manusia, working in Cairo, Egypt. I was starting to raise suspicion, so I had to come back.”

He stopped and looked at me, “Raising suspicion? How?”

“I was too good at my job.” I said shrugging.

“Too good at your job?” He said his eyebrows raised and eyes widened.

“Apparently, when it is the 1940’s, no global communication like there is here in Nalsar, no one knows you in a society where everyone knows everyone, and you suddenly can decipher the ancient text flawlessly … that poses questions that well … can’t be answered.” I said smiling slightly.

He started to say something, but I interrupted him. “And no, I wouldn’t intentionally make a mistake, just to throw them off. That wouldn’t be right. So I came back here.  Besides, Julian said he has a special assignment for me.”

Arturno stopped and smiled at me. His smile was vibrant. The way it made his brown eyes sparkle … the way it even reached his muscles in his shoulders and arms… LINDY! KNOCK IT OFF! This is your coworker. You’ve only just met him. He probably has a wife and kids back at his residence waiting for him. I shook my head and tried to erase any naughty thought that went through my mind. Not an easy task to do when he looks like something the Angels crafted themselves. I felt my cheeks get warm and I had to focus my thoughts on my new vocation.

“Yes, it appears that there are scrolls and books from the beginnings that need to be translated.” He said.

“The beginnings? As in scrolls on The Five Angels themselves?” I asked trying to hide the shock in my voice as he nodded. “But it’s against the rules of the Council to research the beginnings.”

“It is illegal to research the beginnings as it applies to the weapon of The Five Angels, not so much when it applies to their teachings, which is what Julian and the Council wish us to focus on.” He said. The way he put the emphasis on the word us made my heart flutter.

“I thought that they had already been translated?” I said as he turned and headed back down the hall.

“Nowhere close.” He said with a voice that was light and airy. “The dialects change over the years, and well, no one else knows them.”

“And the Council thinks because of my affinity, I may be able to translate the scrolls regardless of dialects.”

“Yes.” He said stopping in front a janitors closet. He turned and focused his deep brown eyes on mine. “Are you sure you are ready for this? The last person to translate the scrolls was …”

“Francol de Pinot. Who later killed himself because of the information that was contained in the scrolls for creating the weapon of the Five Angels.” I said meeting his eyes. “I know the dangers that could be associated with the information that I may translate.”

He smiled. “Good. I’m pleased to hear that I’ll be continuing to work with you.”

Then he took his hand and ran it over the door jam of the janitors closet over and over while mumbling an incantation. When the door clicked opened he opened it and held the door open for me.

“In here?” I asked.

“Wouldn’t expect the most prized scrolls to be hidden behind this door would you?” He said in a way that, well sounded way too much like flirting. No. I’m reading too much into it. I shook my head.

“The very reason they are.” He said eyes locked on mine. “Ladies first.”

I stood there a moment too long looking into those eyes. There was a warmth spreading through out me that I hadn’t felt before. Is this what love at first sight felt like? Oh Angels I hoped so. … Then I blinked. No Lindy. This is work. No falling for your coworker. I blinked a couple times and stepped through the door.

As he walked in behind me I thought heard him whistle under his breath and eye me up and down. Ok, so maybe the feeling is mutual.  I smiled at the thought as I head toward the stacks to get to work.



(This is a work of fiction and does not reflect on any actual events to my knowledge. Lindy Winslow is one of the sub-characters in ‘The Five Angels’)

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    1. I have the re-writes and corrections done and have started sending out queries to Agents. I hope to find one that will take a chance on me, and have the book out within a year. If I don’t, then I may pursue self-publishing (which scares the CRAP out of me).

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