My Weighty Story: The Plans and Progress

Celtic Woman

This is sort of how I feel looking out over the year. There are mountains and hills to climb and I sort of feel like it will be a never ending journey to get to where I want to be.

Well there is truth in that statement, but what you don’t see in that picture is the fact that on the other side of that mountain lies a beautiful life, full of activity, and time with my family.

Yes, I still have 70 pounds to go to where I would like to be. Yes, it is only going to get harder to lose weight as I get closer to that goal. HOWEVER, it is a journey that I know will will help make me feel better both physically and mentally.

I’m back on the road with vengeance. I lost 2 pounds this last week, and I’m ecstatic. I also have been forcing myself to do my walks every night again. I was really good about doing them when I knew that I had a race to do, but then NaNoWriMo and the holidays showed up, and I really didn’t keep it up like I SHOULD HAVE.  I have walked a minimum of 1 mile every day ( and some days as much as 3 miles ), which is an accomplishment for me considering that I have to work my endurance back up.

So how am I going to keep this going? Well I’m signing up for at least 2 races this year. The Wharf to Wharf here in Santa Cruz, and the Mini Marathon in San Jose. I did the San Jose one last year and it was my FIRST RACE EVER and I enjoyed it so much that I’m having the husband unit tag a long with me this year. The Wharf to Wharf however, I will be doing with the husband unit, the daughter unit, and some of the husband unit’s family this year. Last year it sold out so quickly, that I’m not taking a chance of not getting in on that race this year. I’m staying up on March 31st till midnight when the sales go live. I WILL BE AT THAT RACE THIS YEAR.

If I have commitments, then I can’t talk myself out of it. Is it weird that I do this? Maybe, but it does keep my head in the game, and on the path to a healthier living.

Food wise, well this week, wasn’t the best, but it was better than the week before. I’m back to tracking it every day, and I know that I can lose weight, because I’m already half way there, I just have to stay on track.

So… Girl Scouts… STAY AWAY FROM MY HOUSE! ( Those damn Samoas are so damn good, I’ll sit down and eat a whole box without realizing it. )

Celtic Woman

So yes, this is me, looking up the mountain and saying, I will reach the other side.

3 thoughts on “My Weighty Story: The Plans and Progress

  1. First of all I love the painting at the bottom. I had already seen it on your avatar, but I like the idea behind it. I think your journey is one most people can relate to. But it seems you KNOW somehow you will succeed in the end…and I think that’s all it takes…from what I gather from your previous posts you’ve already come a long way since last year…keep it up!

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