Wall-E Tails: I was a Brave Doggie

Over the weekend, my family took me on an adventure.

We walked down to Capitola Village and it was a beautiful sunny day. You can see those pictures here.

Well after we went through the Village we walked up this really steep hill and walked by the Shadowbrook Restaurant. Apparently that’s some kind of really big deal around here.

It isn’t our normal way home because you have to cross Soquel Creek in order to get back home. There were lots of cool smelly smells though, so I didn’t complain. I was just confused as to where we were going.

As we walked, we came to this building. It sort of looks like a Mission, but Mom and Dad haven’t figured out what this place used to be yet.




We continued walking by that place, after Mom and Dad and my human sister looked at it enough, and onto a path. It was very pretty path.



Then… There was THIS … THING, I had to walk across. See it? It’s that thing off to the right side of the picture.


It was very scary looking and it felt weird under my paws.


Mom and Dad said that those bars are to help keep wildlife from walking across the bridge, but aren’t I a type of wild life? They said something about me being too spoiled to be considered wildlife. Then they encouraged me to go across it.

I sniffed it, and then summoned every ounce of courage and brave that I have in my body…. took a step … and leaped over it.


See! I was a Brave Doggie!

I bet Mandy, my trainer at Jumping Jax Dog Training and Zoom Room would be proud of me. Oh I bet girls at Zoom Room would be proud of me too. Hey Mom! Give them a link so she can see how brave I was!

Once we got across Soquel Creek, we headed back home. It was an exciting adventure and wore me out. I think it’s nap time just thinking about it.


6 thoughts on “Wall-E Tails: I was a Brave Doggie

    1. I don’t blame you for being bothered. If my family were not on the other side, I probably wouldn’t have done it.

      Plus, Mom gave me a treat and lovies after I went across, so it was worth it.

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