New Web Address

There is an easier way to get to this blog!

Ok, so if your already on WordPress, there isn’t much of a change at all. I’ll still show up in your Reader.

However, for those who do type in the web address to come and read my little corner of the internets, you don’t need to put in (BOY that is a mouthful!).

Now you can catch me at :


Yes, I could have gone just to make it even shorter, but since the blog is Kimberly M. Ringer, figured, I should stay stay with it. I also could have gone with the traditional dot com, but I liked dot me since my blog is all about me. Well there is that cute puppino too. Did you see him complaining about having to take a bath? I mean seriously. Anyways, I talked over the extension with the husband unit, and he liked the dot me too, so that’s where we ended up.

Oh, and those pesky little ads that you’ve been seeing at the bottom of my post? Those have gone BYE BYE!

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