American Olympic Coverage — STREAM IT!


This may not apply if you read my little blog from another country other than the US. You most likely don’t have to deal with the NBC coverage that we do here in America. However, if you do have to deal with this headache, and you have the ability to live stream the Olympics, I highly suggest you do it.

Olympics Stream

Here are my reasons, in descending order.

6. You get to see more of the competition. The good, bad, and the ugly.

5. Fewer commercials.  Yes, you can DVR it and watch the Olympics without the commercials, but chances are you’ve already encountered my next point.

4. No Spoilers! I’ve been avoiding my Yahoo News page like the plague and I think everyone on my Facebook wall knows that they will come to bodily harm if they blow something for me.

3. No 1am bedtimes. I mean seriously NBC. Do you REALLY have to run all these “boasting” segments? There are so many sports and other athletes that we could like to be exposed to, yet, you insist on throwing all this other CRAP in our face. We are trying to watch the Olympics, not your Bob Costas and Matt Lauer and that extremely manlike lady commentary. We are watching the SPORTS of the Olympics. Not your “I want more face time” crap.

2. NO NBC BS, NO BOB COSTAS and NO MATT LAUER!!! Those who have known me for years ( and I thank you for enduring that which is me. ), know I LOATHE BOB COSTAS. Matt Lauer is just a pompous arrogant man. Bob Costas however, is a know it all, I’m going to use the air time for my own political statements, self-absorbed poop.  In my opinion, of course. I know there are those who love him, but I cringe every time I hear that man on the television. When he was announced to be part of the football commentary, I had to rewind my DVR because I couldn’t believe a man who knows NOTHING about football was going to be on Primetime during a football game. Then, he, in typical Bob Costas fashion, decided to go on his political rant about gun control. NBC still didn’t get the message to pull his butt from the commentary.

1. Finally, this one has surprised me the most. The commentary over all is so much more pleasant. I’ve been especially watching the skating, and the British commentary of the ice skating events has been so pleasant and wonderful to listen to. No matter how much a skater BOMBS a skate, they ALWAYS highlight the things they did RIGHT in the performance, say wonderful things about their lines, how they skated, and root for whoever is on the ice at the time. I have rarely heard anything critical, never anything demeaning said from their mouths the whole time they are on the air. Heck, when someone falls, you hear them say under their breath, DANG IT. Another example is from this morning’s coverage. The Men’s Short Program was skated, and don’t worry, I won’t spoil the rankings, or name who withdrew from the competition (though it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. I don’t like him one bit and since there are very few who know who that skater is, I’m not spoiling anything. ). There was one skater, who isn’t even British, who skated a BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL Short Program. When the scores came in, it was the first ever over 100 score EVER in any history for a skate. You could practically hear the announcers jumping up and down in excitement for him. Don’t get me wrong I love Scott and Debbie, but they can tend to be a little on the negative side. I have enjoyed the announcers for all of the events that I have streamed. It isn’t exclusive to the ice skating either. The Snowboarding, Alpine Skiing, Freestyle Skiing and Hockey, all if it! The commentary is so so so so so much more enjoyable!

So there you have it. My reasons for why you should, if you are able to, stream the Olympics live online instead of waiting for NBC to screw up all the coverage for you.  By the way, I believe their website even has an “On Demand” feature in case you miss the coverage live. You can click on the banner above in the post to access it.

Oh… and because I am American…. GO TEAM USA!

2 thoughts on “American Olympic Coverage — STREAM IT!

  1. Oh.My.Goodness!! For the past umpteen years I have been complaining about NBC and their coverage of all Olympics events. We must have been watching the same skating events today!! All I can say about your point#1 is a great big DITTO!!!!

    I really wish we could see ALL the competitors and not just the Americans. People were complaining after the last Summer Olympics coverage too. You’d think that only a few countries were competing! And of course, EVERY event has an American and they always finish in the top 5. Why do they do this every time???? This is the Olympics! I want to see all the athletes. And if they can’t do this they really should lose the license for bringing the coverage.

    1. Agreed. I enjoy seeing all the other countries compete. I had no idea that there was a Spanish skater. I really enjoyed watching the other countries that normally wouldn’t get air time today.

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