Stupid People should NOT be on Facebook.

So on KGO this morning one of the ladies said, “So Facebook is celebrating their 10 year anniversary and you can have them make a mini video of what you have posted since you joined.”

She goes on to talk about how neat it was to see things from the past that she had forgotten about and what post got the most likes, etc. Then… she posed a question to one of the co-DJ’s that made my jaw drop.

“So is it just a little bit scary that Facebook has access to every post and picture we have ever posted?”


I shout at the husband unit, “I’m sorry. Did she just say what I think she said?”

He was giggling “I think so.”

So if you missed that, let me repeat.

She thinks it is a little bit scary that Facebook ….. has access ….. to every post and picture we ever posted. … on Facebook.

Yea… let that one sink in for a minute.

You’re on a social networking site where you post things to THIER servers. OF COURSE THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE ACCESS!!!!

Saying that that it is scary that Facebook has access to all my post and pictures I have ever posted on their website is like saying its scary that my Mom remembers my birthday. It is such a dumb thing to say.

Then I started to laugh because I wondered if she was also scared that her bank has access to all of her bank records, or if her doctor has access to her medical history, or if her Pharmacy has access to every prescription that she has ever filled with them.

I’m still shaking my head.

Hey honey, here is another bright idea for you. If you don’t want everyone to know about it, don’t post it on the internets.

GEESH! Stupid people should NOT be on Facebook.


PS: If you have a Facebook account, I suggest you do run the video maker.  Facebook is 10  I’m sure one of your friends has it already on their wall. I have certainly enjoyed seeing some of the highlights from my friends. What did mine include?

First Moments: The daughter unit playing in the snow, the daughter unit at a dance recital, a friend of mine flipping me off because I woke her up when we were on a trip to San Fransisco.

Most liked comments: “Meet Wall-E!”, the husband unit got a new job, a picture of me and a friend seeing Thor, and when we signed our lease for where we are living now.

The pictures I’ve shared were truly a montage of my life. There were silly ones, cute ones, one of the group of us at SOE Fan Faire the first year we went, lots of the daughter unit, and then this one…. which still totally makes me laugh.

Uncle and Daughter units

It’s the daughter unit on her 13th birthday with her uncle unit ( my brother unit ), acting like a zombie eating her brains ( yes, that is very much my brother ) with her just smiling and thinking “Silly Uncle Unit.”

3 thoughts on “Stupid People should NOT be on Facebook.

      1. Yeah, who hasn’t indeed? I know for one my Facebook page has seen its share of selfies that I really should have kept to myself;)

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