Wall-E Tails: Water Falling from the Sky

Why is water falling from the sky!?!


It’s making all my smells wash away. How will other animals know this is my territory?


OH! and I don’t like being wet!

Mom says we need the water falling from the sky though in a really bad way. I guess she missed the part about me not liking being wet. She did say that there wasn’t going to be very much water that fell from the sky though and that my territory should be nice and dry by the time she got home tonight.


At least I’m still cute even though we were out where the water was falling from the sky.

Plus, Mom was able to take some pictures of cute paw prints I made before they disappeared.




5 thoughts on “Wall-E Tails: Water Falling from the Sky

    1. We had too Bongo. It literally had been since October since our area had any measurable amount of water falling from the sky. Mommy says that is one reason why need it so bad. Don’t worry, I’m sure you will get some soon.

      1. There’s water falling today! I’m not sure I like it though. Now my person doesn’t want to take me for a walk. She’s such a wimp.

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