Wall-E Tails: Awww Mom!!!

Look I know your frustrated I won’t let you on your blog, but do you really have to wake me up?!


Really?! I don’t wanna get up Mom!!!


Ok FINE!!!

But I get belly rubs!!!


Good Mommy! Yup! That’s the spot.

Ok.. That’s enough.



Ok. I’m awake.

Mom let me out to go potty, got me all up and ready for the day, and I even had to endure the human sister’s nebulizer sounds this morning.

It’s ok though, because I’ll just go back to sleep when I get to work with Mom or Dad.

WAIT! What was that Mom?

What do you mean … I gotts to stay.

No you got me up and everything.

Fine. I’ll just lay here on the couch and pout all day then.


3 thoughts on “Wall-E Tails: Awww Mom!!!

    1. That is true Bongo. I only have a dog jail at Mom and Dad’s work. Though I’m lucky. I do get to keep the door open as long as I’m good.

      To be fair though, we don’t have those thunderstorms that you get that could scare me so much that I try to run away from the sounds.

      1. That’s what those thunderstorms do to me. That’s why I have a dog jail. At least it’s got a comfy bed in it.

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