Wall-E Tails: I’m so Confused!

I think Mommy is a little frustrated at me. I locked out of her blog this week. I told you yesterday I was going to take over this week.  /evil puppino laugh

I think she is trying to kiss up to me a little bit so I will let her have it back. She says she has a short story she wants to share with you guys and tell you something about her Weighty Story. So, today she brought me to work and we got to go to the pet store and she bought me some treats and a little bully stick for while I was at work with her.

It’s not going to work. Even though a bully stick is a great bribe. I’ve taken over this week. She can’t have it back yet. I’m not done talking to you.

Since I have taken over this week, maybe you guys can help me. I’m a little confused.

Over the weekend, Mommy was really sick so instead of taking me on an adventure, she just took me out to the courtyard for me to go potty and smell all the smelly smells of other dogs who also go potty there. Seriously!!! Where my territory is has a bunch of doggies whose Mommy’s and Daddy’s take them to this spot to go potty. There are LOTS and LOTS of smelly smells there!

Only on Saturday, there was something else there. There was one of these:

( Once again, this isn’t the exact one I saw. I asked Mommy to steal a picture off the internets to show you what I saw)

When I asked her what it was, she called it a mouse. Only, that doesn’t look like any mouse I have ever seen before. It was so tiny, and skittered away from me. The Mouse I know always wants petted and loved, and to take over laps!

I tried to tell her that wasn’t a mouse. I even tried to prove it to her too.

So I got a picture of Mouse from Grandma-ma.



These two things don’t look alike at all!

See Mouse is Grandma-ma’s cat. That makes Mommy giggle. ( She says its funny because Cat’s are supposed to hunt mice and its funny that Grandma-ma has a Cat named Mouse. )

So can you see why I’m confused?

The only Mouse I’ve known my WHOLE life was not what I saw in the courtyard. Mommy is wrong. Now excuse me I have a bully stick that needs to be gnawed on.

3 thoughts on “Wall-E Tails: I’m so Confused!

    1. Oh Eily I’m so sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. You’re right though. Mommy didn’t stay frustrated at me for very long. She took me on adventures and played all weekend with me.

      Thank you for visiting and reading about my confusion!

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