Wall-E Tails: Scary Sidewalks

I’ve decided to take over Mom’s blog. She hasn’t been doing a very good job about blogging about me. So I, Wall-E have decided to take it over!

Well to be a little fair, Mom and Dad haven’t taken me on many adventures lately so there haven’t been that many “Tails” to tell.

However, Daddy took me down to Capitola Village last week and sent Mommy this picture of me and told her not to be jealous.


She was very jealous. I don’t blame her though. I love the beach and Daddy said I was even a really good boy down there.

I love going on walks in our little town by the bay, but …… they have these things on side walks that feel funny under my paws and are kinda scary.

( this picture isn’t from my streets. Mom stole it off the internets for me to show you what I mean. )

They sometimes make these big clanking noises that are really scary. Not to mention that they move sometimes when I have been brave enough to walk over them.

Since they do sometimes  make loud weird noises and move, I just try not to walk on them though.

Mom thinks it’s really funny. Especially down in the Village because I have to weave all over the sidewalk to avoid them.

That can be a bit tricky though when the weather is as nice as it has been here and people come to the beach. When there are lots of people down there, I have to be good and stay closer to Mom and Dad so they don’t get lost in the crowd.

I mean seriously, what would my family do without me?!


They certainly wouldn’t have anyone to play with!


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