Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror

When I look in the mirror there is no way the person staring back at me could be me? Why? Because I still think of myself as being that almost 300 lb girl who thought she was no where near that.

However, I also see someone who can do anything she wants when she sets her mind to it. I mean seriously, I’m 70 + pounds lighter than I was last year and able to do so much more!

I know that when I really buckle down not only will I achieve my weight goal, but I will be publishing my Trilogy and making it everything I’ve dreamed it could be.

So hello me in the Mirror. I’m so much more than what you show.

( I apologize for grammatical and other mistakes in this post for I am doing it on my phone and the options are oh so limited. )

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror

  1. I’m a 300 pound girl who wants to lose 70 in a big way! and when I stumbled upon you via a comment on another WordPress blog – well – I just had to follow you. Looking forward to sharing.

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