We Need RAIN to wet the SOIL at HOME!

I know that much of the country is still recovering from that which was the Polar Vortex. Well here on the Monterey Bay in California, we have the direct opposite problem. We NEED RAIN! In a bad way too.


Last year, the wettest month was March with just 1.304”. There was a stretch of 44 days where the weather service was unable to get any amount of precipitation. For 2013, the Monterey Bay, which includes everything from Santa Cruz to Big Sur, had a total rain fall of 3.04 inches. You hear that. We got a whooping 3 inches of rain ALL YEAR LONG!

Here is another problem. The Monterey Bay has no foreseeable rain for the rest of January, and they aren’t sure that it will be much better come summer. According to the National Weather Service, “Water temperatures in the Pacific Ocean are normal now, not warmer than normal, which would indicate an El Niño year on the way. And El Niño years often mean wet winters in Northern California.”

Our reservoirs are drying up. Yes, they drain them some during the winter to help ward off  salt water intrusion, but they don’t ever dry up the way they have this year. I mean, I have been living in this area my whole life. Lake Nacimiento and San Antonio were where my friends and I went camping in High School. I have never seen them this low. I mean… look.


Ya. That was taken just a week ago. ( Not by me by the way ).

We need RAIN to wet the SOIL here at HOME!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving this nice weather right now. It’s 81 Degrees right now in Monterey and 80 in Santa Cruz. It’s beautiful. We don’t get this kind of weather during our SUMMER. I think Mother Nature got turned around. She’s giving us summer when we should be getting winter, with water falling from the sky.

So come on Universe… bring us the rains. I’ll even do an Indian Rain Dance for you if I need to.

9 thoughts on “We Need RAIN to wet the SOIL at HOME!

  1. Good luck. I head the Pineapple Express dumped 22 inches over the weekend. When you get done, send some to Arizona. Haven’t had rain since December. Many thanks for the visit to my blog and the follow. I appreciate it.

    1. 🙂

      We have gotten quite a bit in the last week. Unfortunately though I think it went North! Which doesn’t help you guys much at all.

      The next nkw that runs through I’ll try to push my mojo to the south.

  2. We are having an abundance of rain here in the UK right now … Dunno if you have seen news footage, streets have turned into rivers in some areas Xxx

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