Who do I appear to be? Superwoman?

So today’s Daily Prompt is :

Do you have a reputation? What is it, and where did it come from? Is it accurate? What do you think about it?

Well the short answer is: I have no idea what my reputation is, where it came from, let alone if it is accurate or what I think about it.

I would like to think that I have a reputation of being a bit quirky, funny, geeky, easy going, and fiercely dedicated to those I love.

However, I also know that very well may not be the case.

I asked “who do I appear to be? Superwoman?” and to a certain extent, I have been called Superwoman. When my Daddy was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, I knew that I needed to be strong for my Mom. She was having to deal with so very much, that I knew I needed to be there for HER. She needed someone to lean on. That was my pleasure to do. After my Daddy died, I knew that I needed to let Mom grieve, and take care of herself however she needed to. So yes, I became Superwoman, and I did what I needed to do.

Now days, I’m not so sure that Superwoman fits me. I had mentioned to a couple of people, that right now I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself. It’s all around stuff that in the grand scheme of the world, isn’t a drop in the bucket, but darn it, it matters to me. I want some recognition, and I want the interaction / feedback, but it just seems lacking. I will move on, and find a way to overcome it, but right now the ego and feels are a bit bruised.

So what about your reputation? What do you think it is?


(Note 01/20/14: I’m afraid some clarification needs to be stated. From reading post over time, and some questions from people who know me personally, I feel I need to make some clarification.  When I mentioned my strength given for my Mom when my Daddy was so sick and after he passed away, it was not in connection to me feeling sorry for myself at the time of posting this post. It was merely a time when I was able to identify with being Superwoman. I felt like Superwoman. I was able to hold life together, do what I needed to do, despite dealing with so much pain, hurt, sadness, etc.

At the time of posting this originally, I was just feeling sorry for myself and feeling a bit depressed. At the time I wasn’t feeling like a Superwoman at all.

My family, and more importantly, my Mother has always said that she is very proud of me for helping and doing everything I could at a very dark time in both of our lives. She gives me huge “props” for everything I have done. I get lots of recognition for everything I did then. I hope that this clarifies things and I’m truly sorry for the confusion. Alas, I need to find a better way to articulate such things.)

13 thoughts on “Who do I appear to be? Superwoman?

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  3. It always turns out that the people who are the strongest for the longest fall into this cycle of recovery. When you’ve carried so much weight on your shoulder, it’s only natural to break down a bit and start to feel sorry for yourself. After all, you’ve conditioned everyone around you to lean on you…how are they supposed to know when to give it back?

    I’m speaking from experience, here. So believe me when I say that you will pick yourself back up. The trick is to find someone that you can lean on on a regular basis. This will help you remain balanced. I wish you the best of luck with your blogging…and in your life. 😀

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  11. In times of crisis, we just do what has to be done. We all play our roles, and you were the strong one for your mom. I’m sorry that you aren’t getting the recognition that you deserve.

    1. When I was strong for my Mom, I was recognized. It was merely an example of one time when I was superwoman. My Mom sings my praises a lot when the topic comes up. She’s wonderful.

      I’m feeling sorry for myself for other reasons completely unrelated. I will get over it though. I’m already feeling better about myself, and it was only a phase that I will get over. 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by and reading!

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