Mind and Body Monkey ATTACK!!!!!!

Yes, I know I’ve been MIA for the last week. I have a good excuse. I SWEAR!!!!

See I was kidnapped! BY MIND AND BODY MONKEYS!

I was minding my own business, coming home from work, sleeping, and being just a wonderful awesome person I know you all think I am. (yes, that was extremely hard to type thank you.)  Only the Mind and Body Monkeys attacked me, infected me with a horrible horrible germ(s) that basic landed me incoherent for two days, moaning, and expelling things from said body. Then just when I thought the Mind and Body Monkeys were done with me, they put these thoughts inside my brain.

I had to mean with an associate of one of those Monkeys and that only made my mind race more and more. I looked and looked for a cure, but nothing as within my reach. I continued to be affected by the Mind and Body Monkeys, even have another meeting with the associate of the Monkeys today.

When the weekend finally hit, the infection that the Monkeys infected me with seemed to fade off and for the most part the Mind and Body Monkeys left me alone to do fun things.

Is your mind whirling around in every direction yet?

Yea, now that’s how I felt the last week. Here is a basic translation.

I got sick last week and it wasn’t pretty.

Once I was feeling better though, I got busy on a project, that I can’t really talk about yet. I have a meeting today, and I’m sure it is going to be another couple of months, before I can really tell ya’ll about it.

However, come Saturday, my Mommy came over and she taught me how to paper piece fabric.  Yes, I’m a sewer too. I’m working on a [insert theme] quilt for my husband for his 50th birthday and all the blocks are paper pieced so I needed to know how to do them. Once it is in his hands I will post a picture of it. Why won’t I post it now, or tell you what it is? Well because he is my husband and he reads this. Did I ruin the surprise? No, because he knows he isn’t allowed in my office because I’m working on his quilt. How else am I supposed to keep him out?

Yes, I’ve thought of locking him away in a closet for months, but I kind of need him to go to work and make money so we can, well you know, pay for the roof over our head, have food, etc. I don’t make enough to pay for EVERYTHING. Besides, the husband unit is actually a pretty cool guy. Don’t tell him though. He may get a big head.

Sunday was a great day. Was able to get some gaming time in and my Facebook page was spammed for 3 hours in the morning because my 49er’s were playing and I had to watch!!! Hello… PLAYOFFS!!!

If anyone else watched that game, I’m STILL laughing at Kap’s face when the Panthers were in his face trying to be all tough. Kap just stood there, smiling, shoulders all relaxed, and they just kept “chest bumping” for lack of a better term.

Yea, it was pretty much this face.

Anyways, the 49er’s have been thinking for a while the road to the Super Bowl (look Mommy, it isn’t Super BOWEL!!! ) will lead through Seattle. Well, it does, and we will see you at the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP Game on Sunday!

Well that was my last week.

Oh! and I lost 2 pounds!!! WHEEE! ( Though probably not the way I would normally want to lose those pounds, but I’ll take it. )

One thought on “Mind and Body Monkey ATTACK!!!!!!

  1. So in short: you’re a wonderful awesome person with monkeys and a husband who’s a pretty cool guy, which does not need to be advertized too much? Am I getting it right?:P
    Good luck on your project, whatever it is…My curiosity is fueled.

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