My Weighty Story: The Journey Continues!

Well Happy New Year to everyone!

I look back at 2013 and the start of my Get Healthy Project and I realize just how far I have come. Just before Christmas I posted a letter to my 2012 self ( you can read it here if you missed it: Dear Christmas 2012 Me: ) which contained this picture.


That was me at Christmas in 2012 at my Mom’s house pushing 300 pounds. It was one of those wake up calls that, as I said in that letter to myself, felt like I was dumped in the waters off the coast of Antarctica in the middle of winter. I cried for a long time after seeing that picture. I had that hollow pit in my stomach that made me feel like I had been punched in the gut.

Since then I have lost 70 pounds and look like this.

70 lbs

Now granted it isn’t a full body shot. Sorry. It was taken at work, without make up because I’m not feeling well and was rushing to get out of the house. I promise to get a better one posted when I can.

Now I have basically taken November and December off from this journey. November was filled with NaNoWriMo and my daughters birthday and while I still ate decent, with a few exceptions, I didn’t walk like I probably should have. Then December hit and well I don’t really need to tell you why December will usually go out the window.

However, after doing my usual Friday weigh in and punching the number in, I was ready for just about anything to show up on there. After all, I have totally thrown whatever food sounded or looked good into my mouth for the last couple of weeks.

Chocolate: It was a go.

Pie: Oh you bet your knickers there was pie, with Cool Whip and / or vanilla ice cream

Yams: I ate those puppies till I was sick!

Scalloped potatoes: Oh yea!! I ate those babies all right.

Candy Canes: Was it wrong to eat a whole box to myself? Yes, probably. O’well.

More Chocolate: OHHH YEAAA!!!

Ice Cream: You bet cha!

Starbucks: As often as I could get there!

So, yes. As you can see, if it looked good, it was consumed! Exercise? What was that? Ppfffff I’ve sat on my bum for 2 weeks! Therefore, I was ready for a 10-15 pound gain when I got on the scale this morning. Except that when I got on the scale…. that didn’t happen.

I had only gained 2 pounds. In fact, when I looked at my recent progress this is what I found. (Note the time that this screenshot was taken… at 7:17 in the morning, I’m already sitting in traffic an hour from my house. THAT is how late I was running this morning. )


Over the last two months, I’ve stayed pretty consistent. Under NORMAL circumstances, I would be frustrated as heck. That is a serious plateau  that has been in the low 220’s for 2 months with not much movement. However, since it was the Holidays. I’m counting this a win.

So what now?

I get back to my routine. I get back to walking … EVERY DAY and get back to logging and watching my food intake.

Here is to another successful year and hopefully a goal of weighing about 150-160 in 2014.

What goals have you set for yourself this year?

10 thoughts on “My Weighty Story: The Journey Continues!

  1. Can I be blunt and say I think it shows a lot of courage to take on this challenge and perhaps even more so to openly write about it? Really admire that and I feel your blog is a nice mixture of honesty, humor, wit and your dog;)…Hence I nominated you for the ‘Inventive Blogger Award’. Should you accept this great honor, you can read up on how to do that here:
    All the best for 2014. I know you can do it, because you know it too;)

  2. You are amazing!!! So what if you have stayed the same, you have LOST 70 lbs. When you could have given up! Cheers (with celery sticks) to a new year & another 70 lbs!

    1. Thank you much!

      I agree that 70lbs is something to be excited about.

      As for staying about the same over the last two months? Well I’m actually super excited about that . I ate crappy, didn’t really workout and ya took the moths off!!! I’m totally happy!

      Thanks again for stopping by.

  3. Anytime you want to walk on my trails I’ll be your tour guide. My person says it’s a big win to not gain weight over the holidays. I’d gain weight too, if only my person would give me enough treats.

    1. Bongo, your a wonderful dog, and I’m sure you do get lots of treats. If you eat too many treats then you would get sluggish and not be able to play with your neighbor friend, your girlfriends, or be able to go out on all your adventures ( on your trails and otherwise).

      We have to keep hearing of your adventures! I know you love your sleep, but too many treats and you get sleepy too.

      (and Wall-E sends his licks and sniffs )

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