Kris Jenner. Brilliant Business Woman or Family Pimp?

What has this woman done? What has made her so wonderful that she heads one of the largest franchises in the America’s? Kris Jenner

Yes. She married Bruce Jenner. Someone America has admired and won the US Gold in the 1976 Montreal Decathlon.

Regardless, that is the ONLY positive thing I can say about the woman. She married someone America loved. Then they disappeared into the shadows and continued on with their lives. That really is where they should have stayed.

Unfortunately, later in life, one of her daughters made a sex tape with her then boyfriend who then released it. Since then, we cannot go one day without hearing the Kardashian name. Why? Because Kris Jenner is a brilliant Business Woman / Family Pimp.

Think about it. Her daughter has a sex tape released and she turns what should be a horrible shameful, black mark on a family totally around and makes her family a household name with a clothing line, weight loss supplement endorsement, reality tv series ( of which there are Keeping up with the Kardashians, Khloe and Kim ( take Miami and take New York ), and Khloe and Lamar ), and  even got her own TV show ( which thankfully flopped on its ass. ). The endorsements they have are insane, not to mention the amount of tv talk shows they go on.

Every morning on the radio ( which is the only “news” I watch. Seriously, I actively avoid all news, newspapers, etc. If it makes it to my Yahoo news feed then maybe I’ll find out about it because over half that stuff is not even worth reading. ) they say something about the Kardashians. What I don’t understand is what is the fascination around these people? I unfortunately caught one of these TV talk show appearances, and they talked about NOTHING. Nothing. They were on the show for 20 minutes and talked about nothing. There wasn’t any mention of anything good they were doing with their money, a movie that any of them were in, any music releases they were a part of, NOTHING. They sat there and talked about NOTHING for 20 minutes. Oh sure, words left their mouth and were in coherent sentences, but it was just about a bunch of NOTHING. They don’t do anything for the public ( note Kim’s “fundraiser” as of late ), or at least that we hear of. Yet the media EATS THEM UP like they are the best thing alive. They are just a family who had a daughter who had a porn released, and a mother who was brilliant and low enough to exploit it.

The woman is mean and rude to her kids too. I read an article on Yahoo! OMG!  where they listed some of the vicious things that she has said about her own family. ( You can find from the full article here: The 6 Meanest Thinks Kris Jenner’s Ever Said. ) What kind of things has she said?

Well she called Khloe fat, that Khloe needed a nose job when she was 9 years old, and she, in the worst “Mom” fashion ever, said that Kim is clearly her favorite child. She literally runs her children’s lives. Remember how she told Kim that she wasn’t ready to be a mother and that she forbade her to get pregnant? Granted that was shortly after she married that basketball player that was super short lived, but regardless. As much as I don’t necessarily care for Kim Kardashian, she is a grown woman who is old enough to make her own decisions. Oh Wait…. She is a Kardashian, and therefore has no say what goes on in her life. Kris Jenner controls everything. What kind of a parent does these things to a kid?

So I ask again? Is she a brilliant Business Woman or just a Family Pimp? She essentially is both, in my opinion. If you don’t agree, that’s fine. I welcome your opinion. Comment below.

( Note: I don’t usually do post like this, but I’m just so tired of the Kardashian name being brought up EVERY DAY! No, I don’t know her personally, and maybe she is different when the cameras are not around, but the public imagine is not one I hope people will try to emulate.  Kris Jenner appears to be a bitch, low, vicious person (from what I have seen), but damn the woman is freaking brilliant. She took them from NOTHING to a household name that we can’t get rid of.)

One thought on “Kris Jenner. Brilliant Business Woman or Family Pimp?

  1. Interesting read…People the likes of Kardashian intrigue me, not so much because of what they do, but because of the fact they make money doing what they do. It’s astonishing they can go on for 20 minutes talking about nothing, but perhaps it’s even more astonishing that a lot of people watch that. After all, the whole family is paid by people that somehow find them interesting…

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