A Ringer Family Christmas (2013)

So Christmas has come and gone, and I’m still not done with presents. Yup, you heard me. I’m still not done. I have sent texts and messages to those who haven’t received their yule tide joy from me that they will be receiving theirs late. That includes my sister ( who happens to not be biological and was spending time with her biological parents and in laws ), a friend on the East Coast, and my in law’s tree skirt. Oh they got it all wrapped up in a bag, but with the following message (The author in me had put something in there.):

[My wonderful in-laws]

There is a story that must be shared with you before you open this love filled present from your son, granddaughter and wonderful, great, awesome, and forever worthy of your forgiveness, daughter in law.

For once there was a child born into this world and her parents called her Indi-An. She had brown hair, sparkling brown eyes, and skin the color of cocoa. Indi-An was a wonderful, inventive, creative, magical, yet rambunctious child. Full of projects, well wishes, and love for her family. She was always wanting to do something special for her family.

Only Indi-An had this one flaw. She loved to give gifts then, immediately take them back. Oh her family still loved her, and they smiled, nodded, and understood her need to never be able to part with her things. Inside thoug, they secretly hated to ever receive a gift from Indi-An, for they knew they would only be able to enjoy it for such a short while before inevitably being asked or told that the gift would have to be given back to Indi-An.

Soon the ritual was dubbed Indian Giving.

Why do I tell you the story of Indi-An? Because inside this bag, is a present that well, you can’t keep. Why? Because we are being Indi-An this year.

Don’t be mad, please. We beg of you. You shall have it in your possession again, only once it is finished. See Kim sort of had a sewing machine mishap and scheduling issues, and was not able to finish it in time. However, she still wanted to let you know what you were being gifted for Christmas, and what it… well sort of looked like.

So Merry Christmas, but I do need it back so that I can finish it.

– Indi-An

My sewing machine wasn’t happy with the darning foot I put on it, and it took 2 days, and me taking it to my Mom’s for help, before we realized that it was just not going to let me do any free motion quilting. Major GRR here, and so I am having to re-organize my thoughts on the larger white areas as to how to quilt those areas. Below is what the tree skirt looks like now.

Tree Skirt


Of course this wasn’t the only thing to happen. See we haven’t seen my husbands step-brother in over a year and a half, and so my daughter was really excited to see her Uncle Scott. Well Uncle Scott obviously missed his niece, because they had a ball! It was for sure one of those… LET THE SPOILING BEGIN situations! Like the daughter unit doesn’t go to Granny’s / GrandPops and Grandma-ma’s houses and not get spoiled as it is… Let’s add in the Uncle factor. His girlfriend and her two boys came, which really added to a wonderful visit.

Well the Uncle Scott and family took her to Neptunes Kingdom (which is at The Boardwalk in Santa Cruz ) and the 5 of them had a grand ol’time. They spent hours playing in the arcade and really just enjoyed themselves to the fullest. I’m thrilled they had such a wonderful time. He tried to claim there was grounds for child abuse for her never playing air hockey before, and I shrugged. I don’t think she had ever had been in a situation where she COULD play air hockey before. Then Sir Uncle Scott had to go and create grounds for us disowning our own child.

See as you all know we are huge geeks. The whole family. Well Uncle Scott had a brilliant idea of taking her and the boys to see the Hobbit on Christmas Eve. WOOWOO! They were so excited… only there is one problem… Her father and I haven’t seen the Hobbit yet. Just hasn’t been in the schedule.

Ok, so we didn’t disown our child over a movie… but it certainly made for a lot of joking and fun come Christmas Eve when the husband unit and I got over there. The night was full of laughing, joking, and great food. The husband unit enjoyed his Monterey Bay Crab, while the daughter unit and I ate Prime Rib (we can’t have fish, let alone shellfish).

Presents were exchanged, and I even got my Home Depot gift card for new shelves in my office! WHEEE! I get to get that place cleaned up and ORGANIZED! (Yes, I asked my in laws for a Home Depot gift card for Christmas, and yes I had to explain WHY I wanted it as the mother in law unit was very confused until she had context. ) That evil Uncle person and family… well they gave us Ghirardelli chocolate. That instantly cured any “evil thoughts of murder and mayhem” that we were secretly planning for him. 😉

We enjoyed our evening and now that we live so close to them, we were able TO SLEEP IN OUR OWN BEDS FOR A FULL NIGHTS SLEEP! I know this must not seem like much, but for years, we have always either stayed at their house, or drove the hour drive back home, then gotten up and got to my parents house in the morning, or left the in-laws at like 11 at night, and drove to my parents and stayed there. It was so nice to only have to drive 10  minutes HOME and get a full nights sleep before getting up and heading over to my Mom’s for Christmas morning.

Christmas at my Mom’s was wonderful! I got to visit with my Grandpa (Pa), which is always awesome. I have missed him so much and was so excited to see him. I really don’t know how to put it into words how amazing it was to spend time with him this Christmas.

I did break a Christmas Rule though this year, but you have to understand, in order to get to my Mom’s on time, I had to. You don’t cross Mom on Christmas morning. We were to be at her house no later than 8am. Any later, and you were dead meat. On the way to her house that morning, we joked (well sort of) about how my brother ( who is always late) had a built in excuse this year. He rolled his ankle and sprained it pretty bad when leaving his in-laws house on Christmas Eve. So he was going to be slower than usual that morning for sure. The joke was that if he was late, Mom would start Christmas morning without him. ….. Only it was really only sort of a joke. We really wouldn’t put it past Mom to start without him. He made it on time, so we were unable to test that theory, though I’m not sure we would really WANT to. 😀

So what’s the rule that was broken? I got up before sunrise. See years and years and years ago, my FATHER put a Christmas morning rule in place. No one was allowed to be up before the sun came up over the hills. Now you would THINK that this rule was put into place because of his daughter and son waking him up too early in the morning on Christmas right?

THAT is where YOU WOULD BE WRONG! The rule was put in place because my MOTHER would be up and pacing the house wondering “what in the hell was wrong with her kids that they were still asleep at 5 am on Christmas morning.” Even to this day, when we verify what time we have to be there for Christmas morning, she tries to get us there earlier than 8 am. Her response….  “8!!!! THE MORNING IS HALF OVER BY THEN!” 😀

Well at 8am SHARP my brother showed up, presents were exchanged and I got everything I asked for. That includes the frames I needed for my posters for my office, that I’ve had for 6 months, and a little bike peddle unit to use at my desk or while I’m watching TV.



The only “oops” that happened was well the ham at Mom’s got “well done”. We were all napping, when I woke up I didn’t think to check on it, and when Mom got up, she checked it, and let’s just say it was done.

Overall, it was a wonderful and enjoyable Christmas for the Ringer family.

Daughter got spoiled… CHECK.

Family Time…. CHECK.

Great Food…. CHECK.

Lots of love shared by all….. CHECK!

So whatcha thinking?

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