Dear Christmas 2012 Me:

To the Kim that was a year ago:

I’m writing you to give you a heads up about a few things I’ve learned this year.

2013 is going to test you.

No don’t panic. It won’t test you the way 2011 did. You’re going to come out stronger in the end though trust me.

Your life is going to change. Drastically.

1.  First and most importantly, you are going to look at this picture from Christmas 2012 and feel like you’ve just been dumped in the waters off the coast of Antarctica in the middle of winter.


Yes, that is you as you read this. You are pushing 300 pounds, and you don’t feel like you ARE that big, and I know that you think I’m playing some kind of Photoshop stunt on you.  I’m not you. Trust me. That is you. Christmas Day 2012.

Yes, I know how hard you have been trying to lose weight. Yes, it is ok to cry, a lot. You’ve been trying very hard and it hasn’t been coming off. In fact, it’s only been getting worst. There are a few obstacles that you will have to overcome over the next year in order to make it happen, but trust me when I say that even though it is really hard work, you ARE going to feel better by this time next year. Mentally and Physically.

2. That kid of yours that drives you bonkers, well she is still going to drive you bonkers. However, due to the decisions you and your husband unit will make over the next year, that daughter unit is going to THRIVE! Her grades are going to be out of this world, she is going to have a thriving healthy social life, she is going to mentally be in such a better place, and most of all, she is going to amaze you in the difference just a few months can and DO make. Just continue to be there for her, listen to her concerns, and address them all the best you can. You’re going to be so PROUD.

3. I know just how depressed you are right now. It has been a rough couple of years. Remember that there are people out there that love you very much, and will support you through your decisions this year. You will come to appreciate them all that much more come mid – summer.

4. I know you already know this, but your Mother… she is amazing!

5. Come November, you are going to amerce yourself back into Nalrin. It’s a wonderful journey so sit back and enjoy every minute. Yes, it will be stressful, you won’t be sure you can do what is being asked of you on two different fronts, but you will succeed.

6. You will accomplish something you never EVER thought possible. Want a hint? Here.


Be scared…. very scared.

7. Oh yea and then there is this….


8. You will find that creative flow again.

9. This blog. You will start it for various reasons, and you won’t realize it when you do start it, but it has a community that is warm, inviting, and full of knowledge. You will find people to validate the way your feel, and have felt, you’ll realize that your going through the same or at least similar things as others, and you will find a few blogs that it will make you laugh till you pee your pants. (Yes, almost literally.)

10. Change is good. Scary, yes. But Good. Try to embrace it.

11. You will find a wonderful community with Wall-E. You aren’t as alone as you think, plus he will make you smile every day. Even on those days where the only thing you can think of doing is going home and crawling under the covers and wait out the day to be over, he will make it all better. Puppy kisses FTW.

Wall-E Sniff

12. Finally, You will learn to love yourself again. It isn’t constant, but you will find a new sense of self worth that you never thought you would have again.

13. Most of all. Remember to BREATHE!

Those are my tips for the year. I know where you are sitting right now, you don’t think that any of the above could possibly be true for you.

Your going to make it out of 2013 with a few bumps, bruises, and ready for it to be over, but… come the New Year for 2014, you are going to feel so much better about yourself than you do now.

2013 will forever change you for the better. Seriously girl, you are going to hold your head up much higher.


The Kim of the Future.

7 thoughts on “Dear Christmas 2012 Me:

    1. Thank you.

      I needed to reflect on my successes this year. Thought this would be a great way to do it. It was also a way of communicating that if you want to change something in your life, you can do it.

      1. I firmly believe that!…It’s become somewhat of a cliche in the self help section, but I think that’s only because it’s true: if you focus on your goal, believe in it and work your ass off to reach it…it kinda tends to happen;)
        Think you have ample reason to be very proud of your accomplishments in 2013!

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