Attachment to Characters ….

Earlier this week, I read a post where they were very attached to the character they had been playing, and how devastated they were when that character was killed off. They wondered if it was strange to be attached to characters in a video game, or was that just weird.

I’m here to say NO IT ISN’T WIERD. It is what makes for a good story and proves there is good writing involved.

Now those who know me “in real life” ( yes I use that term loosely ), know I play EverQuest 2. Now through the game we have been interacting with Vishra (if you’ve been doing anything on the Qeynos side), who within the last couple years, we learned is actually the Queens father. Then Lucan killed Vishra at the end of the last expansion. I cried like a baby! HOW COULD HE KILL HER FATHER?! Yes, I know he is evil and the OVERLORD, but how could he kill her father! How could he kill someone we have known since the launch? That’s 8 (or 9, yes I know we are starting to get our 10 year rewards but there were some account age bonuses that were added to some expansions, warping that age. ) years ago!!!! (Trust me when I say I was relieved to hear that other guildies felt the same way. Yes Solith and Ellys I’m looking at you. 🙂 ) Then in the most recent expansion, that thrill of seeing Vishra again in the Eternal Broodlands, but then crushed again when it only turns out to be Darathar, the Deceiver. Yes, I know Yelinak tries to comfort me and tell me he truly is in a better place, but STILL! HE DIED!!! VISHRA ISN’T SUPPOSED TO DIE!

/deep breath….. ANYWAYS…….

In the earlier referenced post, they mentioned Dumbledore ‘s death in Harry Potter.  Of course people were upset and sad that Dumbledore died.

What about the character that dies in Allegiant ( I won’t state which incase someone STILL hasn’t read it). I know I cried like a baby. Heck! I sat there in bed crying and almost woke up the husband unit to yell at for not consoling me.

I cried like a baby when I wrote the last chapter of my own book, where a character dies. It’s character attachment. It’s REAL.

Isn’t connecting with a character what makes a story? If you can’t somehow attach yourself to the characters in the story, no matter if it is a book, a movie or a video game, how are you able to enjoy it? Isn’t it just a sign of good writing when you become attached to characters?

What else is there to keep you interested in watching, reading, playing?

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