My Weighty Story: Friday the 13th



So this week, I walked which is great, but I ate crap. Pizza, and a lot of it all week, mother nature has come and threw my whole body out of whack, new meds for the headaches that while it was great not to have any headaches they made me have the munchies and feel half baked all the time (so yes, I called the doctor asking for something else ), and oh yea, I baked a cake that is now gone!

So what did that end up doing to my weight this week? Ya… I gained 1.5 pounds this week. WOOWOOW! Go me!! pssttt Sheldon… that was sarcasm.

It’s ok, I’m still half way to my goal, it’s the holiday, and there is always some set back during the holiday. I’m not angry or mad or even disappointed. I did it to myself, and I take ownership in that. I have been starting off the weeks so strong though, but I’m fizzling by the end of the week. However, my Mom did find the “before” picture of me that I was looking for and I will probably post it sometime before the end of the year with a “current” one, just so you can see the difference. The husband unit and I couldn’t believe it when we saw the picture again.

So until then. Happy Friday the 13th and hope everyone is doing well getting ready for the holiday ( I am NOT!). Enjoy your family, friends, and if you party, please stay safe!

So whatcha thinking?

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