Wall-E Tails: The Cling On.

Hi. It’s me… Wall- E.


I miss my adventures. Mom has been really busy with her writing, some holiday thing and Dad doesn’t take pictures of me like Mom does when things scare me.

I’m not complaining really, because I still get my walks, I’m still getting lots of lovies, and treats, and my human sister has been home sick the last couple of days so I’ve been standing guard for her… from under the blankets. Hey! Don’t look at me like that. You never know when someone is going to attack from under the blankets!!!

It is also very cold outside. Yes, I know humans. Mom says it’s much colder in places like New York, Chicago, Texas, and where one of her friends lives in Austin, Colorado …. but for us it’s cold. Mom says that her numb toes in our 20 and 30 degrees are the same as the numb toes as someone in -10 or 10 degree weather. It’s just want your accustomed to. Well, I’m not used to ANY kind of cold. I’m an indoor, spoiled, doggie. I don’t like these really cold days. Where is my warm weather! I want days at the beach again. Mom took me out for a walk the other day and there was white cold stuff on the flowers in the shade. She said it was called frost. I don’t care, it was cold and wet and well, I don’t like it.

Anyways. I’m here to complain about you humans. Last night she laughed at me. It wasn’t my fault. So here is what happened.

It was super cold and I had to go potty. I rang the bell at the door like a good doggie does, and she let me outside. I went outside, in the cold, and went potty. Except that when I went poop, some of my poop thought it was too cold to go to the ground I think, because it stayed on my butt. I didn’t like it. I tried to get it off myself, but it wouldn’t budge. So, like a good boy, I laid down on the step and waited for Mommy to come out and fix it.

I waited and waited. FINALLY, she realized (a few minutes later) I hadn’t come in yet and found me laying the steps. She called me  so I tried to go to her, but ….. but… the poop on my butt…. there is poop on my butt! I tried to tell her with my pitiful look and my slow and weird walk …. and I even looked back to my butt and back to her….. MOM!!! THERE IS POOP ON MY BUTT!!! GET IT OFF OF ME!

Once she figured out what was wrong she laughed and went and got a paper towel to fix it , but she laughed . She was on the phone with her “sister” (they have been friends since high school and just saying that makes her feel old) and she laughed at me too!

How would she feel if she had poop stuck to her butt! She wouldn’t like it either. /hufff

Well till next time.



Note from Kim ( aka Mom ): What makes this so funny, is that he will sit out there until we come out and rescue him. He doesn’t whine, he doesn’t bark for us to come out to him to fix it, he doesn’t do ANYTHING! He just will sit or lay down and wait for us to come out there and figure out WHY he hasn’t come back inside the house. Once during the summer, we think he was out there for at least half an hour with a piece stuck on his toosh till the husband unit went to check on him and found him sitting in the yard looking pitiful at him. BTW… yes I do shave his tookis to keep this from happening, but because it has been so cold, I haven’t shaved him in awhile to help keep him warmer. Guess this is his way of telling me it’s time to clean up the back side. LOL. 

3 thoughts on “Wall-E Tails: The Cling On.

    1. Well dogs that blog are much more of a common occurrence than say beavers or an alien. I have seen a few dogs on here. Wall-E tends to sneak on here occasionally when he thinks I have wronged him in some way. Though that usually means when I haven’t given him enough love and attention. Though in this case, apparently I didn’t ….. pity him enough, but instead laughed because he got poop stuck to his butt? Actually I was laughing because he just laid there and didn’t try to tell us he had poop stuck to his butt.

      Though… Why he did a whole post about poop being stuck to his butt. I don’t know.

      1. Well, it’s pity I didn’t come across Wall-E’s outings before. Let me browse your archives a little…
        Funny btw, this beaver that’s blogging on my site did a post on poo too this morning (well, sort of…)

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