My Weighty Story: The Doctor Visit.

Well this morning was the morning. I finally got to head back to the doctor for a follow up on my medications, blood work and weight loss. I also walked in with a list of things I wanted to discuss with him, which included the headaches I was getting on a more consistent basis.

Well there is some GREAT news, good news and some not good news, but not horrible news either.

The Good News:

My thyroid meds are still working fabulously and are holding steady. He did say that he would like me to get blood work done again in 6 months just because weight loss and weight changes over all can affect how well the medication is working. He just wants to make sure that we aren’t overmedicating. (Which I love by the way. I’m not a fan of pills, but I take what I have to. My thyroid med… is a have to.)

The BLEH news:

He thinks my headaches are my migraines coming back to haunt me. He asked if I had ever in my life experienced migraines in the form of anything other than a headache, I told him that I had when I was a kid had a numb face and another time tunnel vision. I made sure to clarify that I was in 4th or 5th grade when that happened, so I’m not sure how much weight he could really give that. However, he said that since they aren’t completely debilitating every time …. yet…. he is going to start me on Topamax ( or something like that ) which is a migraine suppresser. He gave me all kind of technical jargon telling me how it works, some of the side affects, and then told me that one of the side affects that he thought I would actually enjoy was that this drug, while its purpose is to suppress migraines, also encourages weight loss. HECK! OK! Headaches Poof and extra help with weight loss! DEAL!

Then we went over some of the other things I had on my list, discussed them at length, and came up with game plans for those items as well. One thing I love about my doctor is that he understands my needs for keeping costs down, my need and want to be healthy, and values my time. He spent 35 minutes with me this morning, even though I only had 15 minute appointment. I know how rare that is. It’s also one reason it takes so long to get into him. He’s that good and respectable. I hear people tell me all the time how they wait hours for a 5 minute appointment. My Mom has left doctors appointments after waiting 3 hours. One of my friends waited 4 hours just on Wednesday to be told something that could have been done in a 30 second email or telephone call. So Yes, I love my doctor (thought I do make sure I have appointments first thing in the morning or the first or second appointment after lunch to keep those wait times down. If I do have a mid day appointment, I do have to say I’ve been lucky that I haven’t had to wait hours.).

So what is the GREAT NEWS?

/drumroll please

Since under his watchful eye I have lost 70.2 pounds (by my scale and 68.5 by his )!!! I’M HALF WAY TO MY GOAL WEIGHT!!! That is HUGE! I’m super excited.


5 thoughts on “My Weighty Story: The Doctor Visit.

  1. Kim, this is awesome news–all of it. Congratulations on the HUGE weight loss. Hang in there and keep going! A day at a time gets the job done. I hear you on waiting for a doctor’s appointment. I’ve worked medical reception for 15 years now. It’s a difficult balance between time and what a patient needs. Your physician is a real gem!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! whoohoooo!!! Having to take thyroid medication is not big deal, I take mine and have only been on it a yr, so I understand the blood test every 6 mo.

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