NaNoWriMo: Editing Derail and Character Development

So here is the thing. I’m an idiot.

I threw my book on my Kindle, started reading through it for story flow, timeline errors, etc. Then right in the middle of the ending climax of my book, there is a WHOLE FREAKING CHAPTER MISSING! It only contains notes as to what was supposed to occur.




Yes, I know Thor… I couldn’t believe it either.  Yes, I know I’m an idiot. What? You want to leave Jane and come and live with me for the next few hundred years your roaming Earth? Oh sure, no problem, you can stay in my dungeon… I mean my office. I have a nice cozy cell for you… I mean bed for you.

Wait, What?

Oh right…. My missing Chapter. So with a pinch of sadness I realize that I didn’t REALLY finish my book, but decided that I could write the chapter after I finish doing line edit round one. I’m still proud of myself for what I did and I loved every minute of it. When I was done though the husband unit did ask, “So does this mean that you get to rejoin the family?”

Anyways, while starting the editing process, I was able to talk to my Mommy about what she thought of the story line and was happy to hear that she loved how I ended up doing the lovey dovey mushy parts. She said that I did it all justice, and gave me a couple of suggestions on how to keep the main story line going on during this part. {insert huge sigh of relief here} Seriously, it really was a huge weight off my shoulders. If it didn’t work then I would have re-write almost half of my book!

As for the daughter units opinion on my book… well let’s just say she loves my introduction of Mickel, she loved the book, but won’t talk to me right now because I killed off one of her favorite characters and just ENDED the book. She said she just has to get over being mad about that, and THEN she will talk to me about some questions that she has.

Why do I let her read it? Because she is at the target age of the book. It really is a gem that I get to discuss things with her in depth. She picks up on things that I won’t even realize I did, things that are foreshadowing into the next book, or holes that I need to try to fix up. While the daughter unit is of the target audience, my Mom is a middle school librarian, so knows what kids like, and what they can comprehend, and helps beyond words in that regard also. However, she also gives the adult perspective of helping me sort out issues with storyline, flow, strategy, frustrations, grammar, etc.

So I started in on line edit round one, and found that I kept wanting to make Megan ( who is the voice of my books ) sound like she does at the end of the book. She isn’t that same person. So I decided that I need to step away from Book 2 for a little bit. Instead, I decided to go ahead and start on my line edit part 4 of The Five Angels (Book 1).

As I started going through TFA 1, there were a few things I noticed. One that is driving me CRAZY is that I was trying too hard to keep things from sounding boring. I used words that I didn’t in B2 that just don’t work, I got overly wordy, and I can almost feel myself trying too hard. Since the last draft of TFA 1, I’ve done a lot more research and grown more as a writer. I see the mistakes of a rookie ( which I totally am a rookie, and I don’t deny that ) and I am going to fix those.

The biggest thing I noticed was just how much Megan’s character changed even from the end of B1 to the start of B2. I mean, there is a major life changing event at the end of B1 that would change anyone who went through it, and add in the fact that she had been living in this new world for about 7-8 months between B1 and B2, of course she would change? I know I’m not the same person I was 2 years ago. Well, I just didn’t realize how much she had changed.

She had to change in order to deal with what she does, but is it weird that even I am surprised by how much her character has changed from the start of B1 to the end of B2? I’m the writer. I should know this. Right?

3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: Editing Derail and Character Development

  1. A friend of mine is also busy writing a book at the moment and I’m kind of her Dr. Watson now (you know, the old Dr. Watson from Windows who was supposed to have all the answers but in the end just left you feeling frustrated)…A lot of the things my friend faces I read in this post of yours.
    If it helps, I think it’s a good sign you put so much thought into the story you’re telling…Isn’t it true that great artists often question themselves a lot (or am I just making this up?)?
    Either way, good luck on writing your missing chapter!

    I agree, Thor is definitely not bad looking for someone his age (like 940 or something?;))

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