My Weighty Story: It’s a new day and a new month

So November is over. I can throw out all the negative feelings I have about how my journey went last month and start fresh.  I wasn’t HORRIBLE last month, but I certainly didn’t have the balance that I should have in taking care of my NaNoWriMo obsession and my Get Healthy Project. I ate ok, I just didn’t move like I should have because I was at a computer. It was better toward the end when I started standing at my desk to write, but that was last month. This is a new bright and shiny new one and I’m looking at it with optimism.

Plus, last week I gained 2 pounds. O’well it is what it is.

or is it?

I do have a doctor’s appointment on Friday, and I am really looking forward to it. I want to talk to him about some of my intake, my goals, my expectations, issues with headaches, etc.

So even though December is when most people put their Get Healthy Projects on hold, it won’t be this blonde. I’m going to start entering my food into MyFitnessPal again, start logging more of my activity (even though some of it will be caught with my FitBit), getting off my fat arse and getting back to what is super important to me.

Yes, I will be editing TFA 1 and 2, yes, I will be gaming, yes, I will probably gorge on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with foods that are surely to add weight that week. That is fine though. It is to be expected, and as long as I don’t completely over do it, I’ll be good.

In the meantime though, here is back to walking EVERY DAY, doing my strength training exercises EVERY DAY, and getting back to super close inspection of my food.

Bright, Shiny, Warm, December on the way!
Bright, Shiny, Warm, December on the way!

So whatcha thinking?

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