NaNoWriMo: Have Red Pen. Will Edit.



And OHHH there WILL be editing.  Since I finished early, I loaded it onto my Kindle and started reading it, just for the enjoyment of reading the story, without editing it. Well if it is on my Kindle, I can’t edit it.

OHHH THE ERRORS!!!!!! OHHH OMYYYY THE ERRORS!!!! I could see where I had been tired and was just trying to finish a scene. The flow sucked, there were extra words that didn’t correlate with the story, and ohhh yea, I could see where I had decided to change something later in the story and gone back to throw in the foreshadowing or tie – in.

So I went down to Office Depot and had a copy of The Five Angels ( the first book ) and The Five Angels 2 ( which was written during NaNoWriMo ) copied and bound for editing.

After I do a run through of TFA2, I’ll go back and do a round of editing on TFA 1. Then I will be fully concentrating on the polishing, preparation, etc. of TFA 1 and ultimately finding an Agent to take a chance on this Blonde on the Bay with an amazing story to tell.

So, until then…. Have Red Pen. Will Edit.

PS: Mom – Daughter Unit: I’m so sorry I caved and gave you such a horrible error ridden manuscript. Trust me, the next one will be better. I’m so sorry. /hangs head in shame.

So whatcha thinking?

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