NaNoWriMo: A Dash of Mickel de Seduisant.

I have been asked to share a sample of what I have been writing this month. So here is Chapter 3 ( as it stands in serious rough draft version, so there will be spelling, grammatical, etc. errors ). It was a lot of fun to write and little did I know how it was going to change  some of the structure of my characters.

Chapter 3 introduces a new char, Mickel de Seduisant. I have fallen in love with this character and have a whole back story for him. If this series takes off (which I hope it will), I will probably make his back story a Novella.

Blk N White Bridge

Chapter 3

The next morning I was running late. I should have been on the road back to Nalrin over an hour ago, but the bed just seemed like a much better place to be. Just as I was getting ready to head out, there was a knock on the door that made me jump out of my skin. I really must be out of it this morning. I always sense someone coming before they get here.

I center myself and feel out to get a sense of their ember, and I shake my head in the middle of the living room when I realize who it is, and go and open the door.

“Ya know, Mickel, I’m perfectly capable of getting myself to Nalrin safely.” I tell the 6 foot 2 guard who is standing there looking very smug. He obviously had been riding for hours already to get here in time, because his brown hair has fallen out of the tie in the back in places, framing his green eyes, and hitting just above the soft jaw line. He kind of reminded me of Chris Pine back in the Manusia.

“That may be Lady Megan, but Julian’s orders.” He says.

“I’ve been doing fine on my own for months. NOW he decides you need to escort me to and from vocation?” I asked him and he just shrugged.

“Who is at the door Megan?” Clarice says as she walks into the living room wrapped in nothing but her towel.

“It’s only Mickel.” I tell her as I go to grab my things. “Come on in Mickel. I’ll be just a couple minutes.”

As he walks in behind me, out of the corner of my eye I think I see Clarice blushing and hurrying back to her room. That can’t be possible. Clarice doesn’t embarrass easily.

“Um go ahead and have a seat. I need to check on something in the other room.” I tell him over my shoulder as I head to her room.

When I get there, I don’t even bother knocking. I just walk in. “What the hell?”

She was blushing! “Do you KNOW WHO that is standing in our living room?”

“Ahhh. YEA! I believe I even called him by his name. That’s Mickel, my personal bodyguard while in Nalrin. Julian is being a little over protective right now.” Do I know who he is? GEESH! Does she think I’ll just let any man walk into the living room especially when CJ is still up north?

“You said you had a personal bodyguard, but you didn’t say it was Mickel de Seduisant! The most decorated and sexiest guard in all of Nalrin!” She said as she threw on some clothes.

“I’m sorry what?” I asked.

Lindy came bursting in. “Someone mind telling me what Mickel de Seduisant is doing standing our living room…. Alone?”

“He’s my personal guard at Nalrin.” I sighed. “AND NO I DIDN’T KNOW THAT HE WAS THE MOST DECORATED GUARD IN ALL OF NALRIN.” Though it shouldn’t surprise me considering that the only reason I’m working in Nalrin is at Julian’s insistence.

“Umm you forgot sexiest in that description.” Clarice said as she put a hand on her hip. “Man the things I would do to that man.” The smirk and tone of her voice was leaving not much to the imagination.

“Oh STOP IT you two!” I said looking between the two of them. Then I heard Owen in the living room. “Mickel! What are you doing here?!” Of course. The whole house was now going to be giving me crap.

“OH Geesh! He’s just my bodyguard.” I growled as I stomped out of Lindy’s bedroom. I could swear I heard Lindy say something about her guarding that body behind me.

I stomped down the hallway and passed Jean’s office just as she was coming out.

“What in the Angels is going on out here?” she asked.

“Everyone is in an uproar over my bodyguard.” I huffed. She was right on my heals.

“Why is your bodyguard here?”

“Apparently Julian thinks I can’t get to Nalrin by myself and so he sent Mickel to go with me. I mean it’s not like I haven’t been going to Nalrin on my own for MONTHS already.” I stepped into the living room, but Owen and Mickel weren’t there. I headed to the kitchen, but they weren’t there either. “Where did they go? I swear! If Owen thought he needed to create a shrine to him. I got girls who would gladly help him. UGGG! I so need to make sure I get up on time if this is going to happen all the time.”

“Wait.” Jean said grabbing my arm and stopping me. “Mickel? As in Mickel de Seduisant?”

I sagged my shoulders. “OH ANGELS. Not you too. He is JUST my bodyguard. You all knew that my bodyguard’s name was Mickel. Why is everyone acting like this!?”

I think she just understood. “Oh! You think I’m all hot and bothered like Clarice and Lindy?!”

I eyed her carefully. “Well they were undressing him with their eyes, THROUGH THE WALLS! Then Owen was all excited to see him.”

Jean started to laugh hysterically. “Oh honey! Trust me it isn’t like that. Not at all! Come on let’s get Owen and Mickel. I have a feeling I know where they went.”

We headed outside and to the garden, and sure enough there they were; only Owen had Mickel hanging upside down in the flowers, just as I had done to him almost a year ago. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Owen put Mickel down!” Jean hollered. They both looked over to her and Mickel fell to the ground with a thud.

“Ahh the almighty do fall!” Owen said laughing.

“I’m so confused.” I mumbled.

“I bet you are. Come on. This should be interesting. I haven’t seen Mickel in years.” She laughed.

She walked over there, hands on her hips and put on her best mad face. I knew she wasn’t really, so I had to work really hard to keep from laughing.

“Mickel ….. Anatole …. de Seduisant! How DARE you show up here like this!”

As Mickel picked himself off the ground and looked to Owen; both of them with the same confused look on their face. Lindy and Clarice are now at my sides, looking just as confused as I felt, so I just shrugged at them and turned my attention back to Jean’s show.

“After all these YEARS you just show up! No call! No note. Just walk on into the house and disappear with Owen?!”

I could see Mickel trying not to laugh, but not one to be out done, he says “Well what about you? You just ran off and ditched me in the lions den?”

“The lions den! Is that what you call it? That was YOUR career choice.”

He just looked at her pointedly with his arms crossed across his chest.

“Seems like you’ve made that lions den work for you. Cushy little job of following my niece around.”

That was it, Owen and Mickel couldn’t hold it together anymore and they just started to bust up laughing. Mickel walked over to Jean and picked her up in a huge bear hug. “Looks like you have been taken good care of her Owen. Wouldn’t want to have to put you in line.”

“Do you want me to put you back upside down again?” Owen said.

“Ok someone care to explain things here?” I asked. “How do you know each other and why when I told you that Julian had assigned me a full time bodyguard in Nalrin, even said his name was Mickel, that you didn’t tell me you know him?”

Jean and Owen looked at each other knowingly. It was Mickel that explained.

“Lady Megan. I have known Jean since before she had her first Maltal. We grew up next to each other.”

“Oh, don’t you Lady Megan me.” I said doing my best impersonation. “You’ve been with me non-stop while I’m in Nalrin and didn’t even mention that you knew them.”

I wasn’t mad, just more annoyed than anything else. I did stand there looking at each of them, just to make them think I was though, but that didn’t last long. I couldn’t keep from smiling. Especially since Owen had blue pollen on the very tip of his nose and wasn’t doing a thing to remove it. Finally I let them off the hook, and they did apologize.

“Mickel.” I said, “We need to get on the road. That is if you’re done horsing around with Owen.”

“As you wish Lady Megan.” Mickel said with a formal bow. I just rolled my eyes.

I secured my bag on the horse that Mickel brought with him so that we could get back faster. A few minutes later and we were on our way. The only thought going through my mind; what else are they keeping from me?

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: A Dash of Mickel de Seduisant.

  1. Hey Kimberly, great read! I really like the way the dialogues and descriptive parts flow together (if that at all makes sense…I mean the story has a nice rhythm, like you’re watching a single shot camera sequence (if that doesn’t make less sense:S))…look forward to your E-book (and that should mean something, as I’m not really a book lover;))

    1. Thank you so much!

      Flow is something that is really important to me. I don’t like when stories are choppy, so I try really hard to keep things fluid like a river.

      I hope to have it in e-book soon.

      Thank you again for cruising on by. 🙂

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