My Weighty Story: The Hangover AND a NaNoWriMo Update


I’m sure there are a few more grey hairs mixed in with the blonde, my house is a total disaster area, I don’t dare look to see how bad the daughter units room is, but I’m alive.  Well sort of.

Since my Get Healthy Project, I really have tried not to GORGE on sugar and soda. I’ve been eating it, don’t get me wrong, but yesterday, I REALLY over did it. I warned you that there WILL be cake, and OHHH was there cake consumed. Even for my birthday, I only had 1 piece of cake. My daughters birthday, however, I had not 1, not even 2, but 3 pieces of cake and a cup of orange sherbet. Oh… before you think that “isn’t so bad, it’s only one day”, let me give you a run down of the food that was consumed.

1.  We had a taco bar for lunch. All in all mostly healthy. Tortilla, hamburger, beans, lettuce, Reduced Fat 2% Milk cheese.

2. Baked Brie. This is a food from the Gods themselves, let me tell you. Brie with honey, rosemary, dried craisins ( basically dried cranberries), all wrapped in a puff pastry and baked for 30 minutes. Yes….. food from the Gods, and trust me when I say I had my fair share. Yes, its solid cheese, and therefore dairy, thus should be a HUGE NO NO for me, but it is worth the upset stomach for me to eat this. It is THAT yummy.

3. Chips and Salsa: I stayed out of this because I’m not a salsa person.. well a tomato person really.

4. Ruffles and Onion Dip: Another weakness. Onion Dip. Nuff Said.

5. Then lets just round it out with SODA! I drank 3 glasses yesterday!!! I RARELY have soda, and I went and drank 3 glasses! ( Dt. A&W Root Beer ( because lets face it, that is the best anyways ) and Dr. Pepper )

That was consumed between the hours of 1pm and 8pm yesterday. I feel like I’ve gone 4 rounds with Ali and then the Hulk decided to do what he did to Loki at the end of the Avengers with me.

My head hurts, I’m dehydrated, I have a horribly upset stomach, and I slept like total CRAP because I was on a major sugar high.

I couldn’t even put that sugar high to use because I was so tired, my eyes were burning, and I couldn’t think straight enough to work on my book! I’m sitting at a little over 61K words, which is great, but there is still so much to tell and there are only 2 weeks left in the month for me to get finished.  I SHALL BE VICTORIOUS!!

Over the weekend I was only able to get about 1000 words down just because I was entertaining girls, running them around, getting ready for yesterday, and in the few slow periods, I was found on Symatha, my EQ2 char playing with my guildies. I miss them, so I made sure to get some time in with them too.

Friday, I got 7K steps logged on the Fit Bit, 8900 on Saturday, and Sunday I got 9200!

So SEE!!! BALANCE IS COMING!! Well with the exception of Sunday’s food intake. So I’ll let you know more about how I’m doing after I recover from this sugar hangover.  Kim and this much sugar and soda, …. yea it really doesn’t mix well anymore.

This is the position I want to be in for the day, but alas, I’m being a responsible adult and went to work today.

So whatcha thinking?

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