My Weighty Story and NaNoWriMo: Balancing

Ya. On Friday I mentioned how I needed to find balance. Well that is much easier said than done.

Yea this is kind of how I feel.

On Saturday, it was the Write-A-Thon, where basically sit your tush down at the computer and write… ALL…. DAY… LONG. Sunday, again, I wrote all day long. As mentioned before, though that hasn’t completed Megan’s story for this book. There is much to go.

So how did I do about finding balance over the weekend? Well I set my alarm for 2 hour intervals, and got up and walked around the park, then proceeded back to writing. I was also up and down through out the days doing laundry, which did get done.

It was a successful writing weekend and put me over the 50,000 word requirement for NaNoWriMo. I posted a video of my excitement on my Facebook page, where I literally spun in my chair in excitement.

I am really excited to have that pressure off of me. Now I have the pressure of finishing the book by the end of the month. The story won’t be done, as there will be a book 3, but I am closing in. All in all, I think I will be sitting about 80,000 words when I’m done, which will be about what I have the first book at.

However, food balance… sucks!!! It doesn’t seem to matter whether I’m Gaming or Writing, it makes no difference, I’m sitting at a computer = I get the munchies.

Since I started on this Get Healthy Project, I have actually been pretty good about staving off hunger and munchies with things like popcorn. Well that didn’t work this weekend. I started with the sweet tooth. So I ended up making the following:

– Carrot Cake – half gone

– Cookie Dough, that will never make it to cookies

– chocolate chip muffins, which are totally gone

Well I didn’t eat all of it. I had help from the family member units, but then on Saturday night since the kid was gone the husband unit and I got… /gulp….  Mountain Mikes Pizza for dinner.

I don’t even remember what Monday’s food was like.

So while I found balance in movement, I haven’t found balance in food. If anyone has found it, can you point it to my blog so that I can start using it?

Thank you. Now I return you to your regularly scheduled programing.

3 thoughts on “My Weighty Story and NaNoWriMo: Balancing

  1. Oh how I feel for you. Here is what works for me. If I get the munchies while I’m sitting down doing a project (I quilt, so sitting down writing is about the same, we’re still sitting), I get up and take a walk before eating anything. In the time it takes me to get ready for a walk I’m thinking about what it is I want to eat and why should I eat it. Do I want to eat because I need something else to do, or am I hungry? If you’re anything like me, you’re a multi-tasker and we need something else to do and it always seems to lead to eating. So, if you’re not hungry, chew a piece of flavored gum. I’m talking something really juicy, watermelon gum or right now I have the Trident Layer gum of Lemonade and Grape. Still get up and do something else, toss the ball to the dog, go outside to check the mail, empty trash, just do something else while chewing the piece of gum. For me these tricks seem to work. And, if I’m hungry, taking the walk will give me time to think of something healthy to eat. Hang in there you’re doing fine, we all have setbacks.

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