My Weighty Story, NaNoWriMo, and Wall-E Tails OOH MY!

Today is going to be a 3 Post in 1 kind of day.

First Up:

My Weighty Story: Weigh Day BLEH’s!

The Good: I only put my hand in the candy jar once last night and that was for a Mini Milky Way. They are sorta my favorite candy bar, so I’m very proud of myself for only partaking in 1 of them. I worked out this week. Not so much in the “normal” cardio because my knee is bothering me, well and because of “reasons”, but I did do strength training every day throughout the day. Part of that was also doing things like jump ropes, and 1 mile of walking a day.  Let’s see what else is good, ohh, I’m vertical, and not horizontal 6 feet under the ground.

The Bad: I haven’t slept well in 2 nights. 3 nights ago, I slept like a log, but I’ve paid for it since by not having very good sleep the last 2. So I’m SUPER TIRED. Though last night was for other reasons (see below ). I also woke up SUPER dehydrated today. I dunno why though. I have been drinking my water as usual, and actually more the last couple of days. Finally, I am up 1 pound this week. I’m not going to get angry about it. It is what it is, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

I have a doctors appointment in a couple weeks, so I’m looking forward to talking to him about it. I have some questions regarding my diet, meds, etc. The problem is, that I noticed this morning that said dr’s appointment is scheduled for 7:45 am on VETERANS DAY! Of course, when I called to confirm that they will even be open that morning, no one is in the office. /le grrr.

Second Up:


Yes, this is why I didn’t get much sleep last night. Well one of, but the other I’m not talking about yet. National Novel Writing Month started last night and I was so amped up on my writing that I stayed up WAY too late last night considering that alarm goes off with a 5 on the clock, and just wrote and wrote. I was a typing crack fiend. It was awesome. I was creative, enjoying what I was writing, and the story is just THERE SCREAMING TO GET OUT OF MY HEAD AND ONTO PAPER! It was so hard to stop and go to bed. This weekend you will find me sitting at my computer or laptop typing away.

Just in case you are living under a rock on WordPress ( no offense to those who just haven’t noticed ), NaNoWriMo is basically where author’s and writers have to lock themselves away from society for 30 days to get a rough draft of 50,000 words down on paper. For those of you who don’t think that is too hard. Let me put that in perspective. That is an average of 1,666 words A DAY!

I got about 2,600 words done last night, but that was over a time period of about 5 hours. I was in the ZONE! My brain has been working out dialog day and night for days now. It is going to be much harder when I hit some writers block aka when I am not quite sure how to proceed or get someone from A to B.

So here is to many more sleepless nights, carpal tunnel syndrome raising its ugly wrists, and much more creativity for the next month.


Wall-E Tails: Halloween is Not fun. I do not Like!

Well I’m sliding the keyboard over to Wall-E now. He wants to explain some things about Halloween.

desop  rfolpk;   pl;we gf-0[4/   op;f9 /GRRRRRR

Well he gave the keyboard back to me and told me to translate for him because apparently his nails need cut and he can’t type today. /rolls eyes – So the following is a Wall-E Halloween Terror.

Hello Everyone! Wall-E here.

You hoomans have a very strange idea of fun.

There were intruders coming into my territory and then these super scary things on my porch that wouldn’t let me go potty. Let me tell you about my VERY STRESSFUL night last night!

So last night Mommy was out having dinner with my girlfriends Mommy, though she didn’t tell me that till AFTER she got home, but I was very happy to see her come home. However, while I was home with Daddy, there were these strange creatures that kept coming inside my territory asking for tricks or treats.

I do tricks and get treats. What is this OR they are talking about. Besides all the TREATS are mine. They can’t have my Bixbi’s or my sweet potato’s or my bully sticks. Defiantly not my bully sticks. So, I tried to tell them to go away, but Daddy just sat there and gave them stuff in little wrappers that smelled oh so good.

I sniffed at them and asked if I could have one please, but he told me they were not for Wall-E. That usually means I can’t have them, but I wanted it anyways. I even tried by best CUTE, and it still didn’t work.

Anyways, lots of those little things kept coming up into my territory and every time I would try to scare one of them away with my Big Boy Barks, Daddy would tell me that was enough and to stop. Doesn’t he understand I’m trying to protect him?!

Later in the night, after Mommy got home, I really needed to go potty, so I rang the bell at the door like a good boy and waited. Maybe now Daddy will give me some of those Not for Wall-E things?



Well look bub.. just open the door. I’m crossing my paws here!

So I head out onto the porch to go to my potty area, and there are THESE SCARY THINGS ON MY PORCH!


Oh there is no way I can get to my potty spot now! I have to chase these away! They are in my territory! Must Protect Mom and Dad!



Why won’t they go away?! They are starting to get really scary. I was abrave at first, but now that they aren’t just running away, they are kind of scary!

So I go and sulk into the house and tell Daddy that I can’t go potty, and I really need to, but there are scary things on the porch.

He tried to tell me it was all ok, and that there was no reason to be ascared, but LOOK at those things!! They are TO scary!

Well Mom and Dad fought with them while I supervised and made sure they didn’t get hurt by them and removed them from my territory. Then Mom walked me outside to show me how there was nothing scary out there and I was finally able to go potty.

I don’t like Halloween.

So whatcha thinking?

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