Thank You!

I haven’t been blogging for long (only about 2 1/2 months ), but I hit a milestone today.

I officially have 50 people who have clicked that little button to the right saying they want to join my asylum or have clicked that little follow box up on the top left of your screen.

WOO! WOO! Go me!

One question I have gotten through the “Contact Me” section is why I don’t have each of the things I talk about on a separate blog. Ie: One for My Weighty Story; One for Wall-E Tails; One for My Writing, etc. Well there are a couple reasons for it.

1. I’m busy. I have my hand in too many pots, and I would enviably post Wall-E Tails on My Weighty Story, or a general rambling on Wall-E Tails. So this is just easier for me.

2. This blog is about me. All parts of me. That includes my weight loss journey, my Daddy, my ramblings and rants, my writing, sewing, scrapbooking, and yes, even my quirky little Jack Russell, Wall-E.

So whether you are reading my little blog for My Weighty Story, Wall-E Tails, my Daddy’s Prostate Cancer story through my eyes (which I will back on, its just difficult to talk about), my struggles and excitement of writing, or just because you enjoy my ramblings…. I want to say….


So whatcha thinking?

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