As I mentioned I threw out my old outlines and restructured how the 2nd and 3rd books were going to go for The Five Angels / Megan Keller Trilogy. So I sat down and started writing, just to get some of the thoughts on paper and modifying the what was there. Then…. I hit a roadblock on the timeline. Not even a roadblock. I straight ran head on into the Hoover Dam at full speed.

Not a car going into the Hoover Dam, but you get the picture. Yes, it’s an old beat up car, because I’m a newbie writer, with no actual published works… yet.

The Problem? How am I going to progress the story without just jumping a year or two in the future. That isn’t really feasible and in keeping with flow and needs of the main story line. I knew that…. but how was I going to get over it?!

What do I do when I hit a roadblock like this and I just need to talk through it? I called 1-800-MOM-HELP! Only this time it was a text saying, HEY CALL ME WHEN YOU HAVE A CHANCE. I NEED TO TALK THROUGH THIS TIMELINE PROBLEM. Yes, I still call my Mommy when I need help. She is invaluable to me as a writer. When I call her in times like this, she will just sit there and let me babble and babble until I come to a conclusion, or she will tell me, well what about this, or how about this, or how about the other thing, or can you tie it in with that other thing?

Anyways, my brain was in overdrive. It was like a rabbit on speed. ZOOM. ZOOM. ZOOM. ZOOM.

I’ve been thinking NON-STOP on how to solve this problem.  Yes, even at work. I really like how I got this part of the story going, but the timeline just isn’t right?!

I even brainstormed with the daughter unit (who knows B1 just as well as I do ) and we discussed things that could work, but realized that the solutions were either not appropriate or cheesy. She really tried to help, but she couldn’t come up with a suitable way to fix the problem either. UGGG!

So back into the computer room to type up a synopsis of what I is going to happen in B2 for Mommy. Once that was done, I shoved it into an email along with what was written so far, though I pretty much told her to ignore it, and sent it off to her.

However, my brain STILL didn’t stop. Rabbit. Speed. Remember? Well of course, when do we get our bright ideas? Yup, middle of the night. So at 3am I wake straight up out of bed and WHAT IF?! I get all excited, and start planning it out, only to realize….. that won’t work. I then proceeded back to bed to toss and turn the rest of the night.


So in the morning, I check my email to see if said Mommy was able to read through it, and she didn’t get the email till really late that night so promised me that she would look it over that evening. Well in my rabbit on speed state my mind was in, I sat down and started “talking” it out with her ( via reply email )on some of my concerns and why certain things wouldn’t work. Well the more I started typing / talking it out via email, it seemed that I just might have found an answer to the problem.

Tonight I talked with Mommy via the 1-800-MOM-HELP hotline (not a real hotline, and if it is really a hotline, I’m sorry for stealing it. ). Of course, just like the wonderful Mommy she is. She told me it wasn’t as big of a problem as I visioned and I’m just obsessing. ( She isn’t wrong there. ) She told me what her suggestions and thoughts were and then gave me a few other GREAT pointers for in other areas.

Once I got off the phone with her I was able to write non-stop for an hour.

WOO WOO!! Thanks to my Mom, I’m now on a bullet train on the way to Nalrin!

( PS: This post obviously has two points to make. 1. I had timeline issue and it was fixed!  2. Just as importantly, a Huge Thank you to the Mommy for coming to my rescue. )

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