Wall-E Tails: The Washing Machine of DOOOM!

So our washer took a dump. It wouldn’t drain the water, and there was this horrible forsaken noise that emitted from it. In other words, it DIED! IT WAS D … E …D, Dead.

We called the Landlord / Property Management ( Yes we rent, because who can afford to buy on the Monterey Peninsula and afford a $3,000+ house payment! ), and they came out and replaced it with a new one. YAY! No more going on the great QUARTER HUNT OF OCTOBER! Thankfully, my Mommy bailed us out on the second hunt, and gave us a bunch of quarters to do some laundry with. ( THANK YOU MOMMY! )

New one installed, so let’s try this bad boy out! Husband unit throws in some clothes, little detergent, and sets that puppy to go. This new one is fancier than the one we had and has this automatic sensor in it that is supposed to see how much dirty laundry you crammed in there and adjust the water level accordingly. Sounds great right? Well it is when you’re thinking Water Conservation. Not so great if it is a sound that scares the crap out of Prince Wall-E Magnifico Puppino.

So the washer makes this noise as it is sensing how much water it needs to put in, and Wall-E starts barking, from the couch … in the other room. Ok, new washer makes new noises, he doesn’t know them, so he is going to protect us from those horrible mysterious noises right?! Fine. We comfort him, tell him its ok, etc.

Then its meal time. We purposely waited for the washer to stop doing its sensor thing so he could eat in peace, or so we thought, because his food and water dish are right next to the door to the laundry room. So the washer is washing clothes and I give Wall-E his food.  Everyone is happy! He is nom om nom mom nom nom nom nomming away, and then suddenly …


Wall-E jumps back and then literally skitters all the way back to the carpet in the dining room.  Except that he is trying to run so fast that his little legs couldn’t get traction!  It all happened in slow motion for me too. All I saw was his little legs running a million miles a minute but his poor body wasn’t going anywhere, but when they did get traction, he was GONE from the kitchen.

When I’m done laughing, I comfort him and tell him everything is ok. Feeling sorry, sort of, for him, I went and got his food and moved it from the kitchen so that he could finish eating it without the mean ol’ washing scaring the poop from him. He finishes up, and life goes on. End of story right? Nope. This dog has the memory of an elephant I SWEAR! The next couple of  days, he won’t come to his food bowl unless we are sitting there with him to protect him from the mean ol’ washer.  I kid you not. The dog STILL is scared of it, even if it isn’t running.

A few days later, I’m sitting on the couch, enjoying my book, and just hanging out. Wall-E starts whining and doing his indoor bark thang in the dining room looking into the kitchen. I keep asking him what’s wrong, but he just keeps looking from me to the kitchen and whines and ‘oofs.

Ok Kimberly. Try thinking like a dog, ok, just not any dog, but think like Wall-E. So I get down on the ground, listen and look around.  He has already eaten and his bowl is empty and it’s like 8:00 at night. Daddy’s home, the kid is in her room, and he just keeps looking at me and into the kitchen.

I get up and go over to the door that separates the kitchen from the laundry room and call him over to me, slowly he comes over, with his head down, tail alert, being very very cautious.  It isn’t until I sit down in the doorway, that he scoots over faster and goes to his water dish and drinks up half the bowl!!!!

SERIOUSLY!  He was thirtsy, but too ascurred to walk over to his water bowl, which was full, and drink because of the WASHER OF DOOOOM.

/sigh Silly Wall-E.

PS: Sorry for the lack of pictures, I was obviously too busy laughing to grab my phone and take some.

4 thoughts on “Wall-E Tails: The Washing Machine of DOOOM!

  1. Oh how dogs get used to one thing and when they change the laughs go on for weeks. Enjoy the new washer and may puppino get used to the mean ol’ washer.

    1. He is STILL scared of it. When he hears it now he runs into the kitchen and barks at it. Of course it then has finished that cycle and stops making the scary noise, so of course him barking at it is working.

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