Story restructuring a SUCCESS!

I may, or may not have mentioned here before I have a book / series that I’m working on. The first one, The Five Angels, is done ( save I’m sure lots more editing), and I’m working on the 2nd of the planned trilogy.

Well my creative juices were flowing and I found myself making notes for what I wanted at the end of Megan’s ( my main character ) story. So I sat down tonight and threw out my old timelines and completely re- wrote them, only to find that what was written thus far in Book 2, has to occur much later on than what is currently down on paper.

Tomorrow I get to restart and move things around. What I have will still work, I just have to move it to much later on. Am I sad about this? No. Why? Because I think it is going to tell a much more complete story.

It also gave me a different perspective on the story that is going to make something’s that NEED to happen, much easier to write.

So excited to get back to my life in Nalrin.

2 thoughts on “Story restructuring a SUCCESS!

  1. I agree. The problem is now I have timeline issues. So I need to sort that all out! That being said, it has given me an opportunity to think outside of the initial story box, and add some things in that I didn’t think I was going to be able to. 🙂

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