My Weighty Story: Weigh Day, Writing and No Sleep

Well its another Friday, and well…  I forgot to weigh this morning.  /bad Kim /Bad! Yes I know I know!

I blame the husband unit… /shifty eyes. YEA!! That’s it! It’s all his fault! See yesterday he had to go to Oakland for a meeting and so I had to take the kid to school, then when he got home he told me that he forgot he needed to open today, so I needed to take the kid to school.

Ok, no problem… except that my alarm went off this morning ( /sings Winnie the Pooh in her head because yes, that is what song woke me up this morning. ), I hit the snooze… and 9 minutes later Winnie the Pooh was singing again, telling me that it was now much later than I wanted to be up. FINE FINE! I’m UPPPPP! You would THINK that being able to get an extra 30 minutes of sleep in the morning, would make it EASIER to get up in the morning… yea.. no it doesn’t.

Well in the process of getting ready to go this morning, I forgot to weigh in, because well it wasn’t my normal schedule. The husband unit usually gets the daughter unit up and to school in the morning, and I am usually gone by the time they are both just getting out of the showers in the morning.

Well I did get us out of the house with no yelling or screaming or anything this morning. YAY! Heck! The dog was even fed, and back asleep under the blankets on the couch. Oh yea and we all have matching shoes on, and I had a coffee in hand!!! WOO WOO! I called this morning a total success…. that is until I got to work and realized that I forgot to weigh in this morning.


So I will have to check in with ya’ll tomorrow about a weigh in. Yes I know, a Saturday post?! WHAT?! Well to be fair, it will also probably include pictures from the Run or Dye that I’ll be doing with some friends and my family tomorrow.

One thing that makes me feel better about myself though is that I did kick it up this week. I started posting a daily work out requirement for a VERY small group of friends on my personal Facebook account, and it helped increase my steps for the day, and made the stress knots in my back release a bit. That was one super cool added benefit. I’ve been sore, but a good sore, and I will totally take that, but I also haven’t been sleeping well at all the last couple weeks. My FitBit has given me proof to just how yukkie my sleep is, and to be fair its a little depressing. It is telling me I’m only getting about 4 to 4 1/2 hours of real sleep, and I’m waking up and being restless a LOT! I know that when it tells me I’m awake it is usually because my arm has fallen asleep and I’m having to wake up to readjust, but its, well just sad. You would think that the increase in activity would help wear my body out, so I could get some good sleep, but that is not to be I guess.

/stomps foot on the ground and crosses arms in a huff… and says with a pouty lip  “I just want a solid nights sleep.”

Ok enough of the woo is me’s….

One thing I am excited about this week though, is that I have made time to get back to writing. WHAT?! You didn’t know I write? Well I do. I’m not sure how “great” I am at it, but I have been writing stories for a long time. A few years ago, I had this story that I just HAD to get down on paper. Well it has turned itself into a book, and I’m working on the 2nd book, of the trilogy that I have planned in my head. I looked for an agent for it in the past without much luck, but that isn’t stopping me.

Anyways, I had gotten a little writers block on book 2 because I wasn’t sure how to get my characters from A to B, and when I wrote it initially, it really sounded kind of rushed and not thought out well at all, so of course I got frustrated and walked away from it for a little bit. Well, I don’t know if its the sleepies, the bad mood I’ve been in during the days, or the fact that I super enjoyed reading Allegiant (OMG WHAT A GOOD BOOK! and yes I still have a story hangover from that book ) or what, but the creativity within me really swelled and I found myself sitting at my computer for HOURS re-writing most of what was done before and moving forward on the story line.



Well its time for the weekend … so keep moving. Drink your water, and push yourself this weekend to do something further or harder than you have in the past! ROCK ON PEOPLES!

So whatcha thinking?

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