Allegiant…. ( no spoilers )

So as you probably saw on Tuesday, Veronica Roth’s Divergent Series ended with the release of the book Allegiant. I was … to say the least … a little bit excited. I love Divergent and Insurgent, the first two books in the series, and just couldn’t wait for Allegiant to come out to find out how the story of Tris and Tobis ( aka Four ) end.


Note: If you are reading it, or plan on reading it, don’t worry I won’t spoil the book or the ending for you.  I started reading it on Tuesday morning, and took every few minutes I could during the day to read it. I was even reading while standing in line at the Courthouse ( I’m a legal secretary, so I’m there filing things quite often ), no matter if I needed to wait 10 minutes or 1 hour, which by the way on Tuesday I did have to do! SQUEEEE MORE TRIS AND TOBIAS TIME!

So anyways, I finished the book last night.

I’m laying in bed reading and the husband unit is sleeping soundly beside me. Seriously, out like a light, because I even shouted, WHAT?! At one point and he just snorted and rolled over. The man was out! Then one of my favorite characters dies. This isn’t a spoiler, cuz hello… characters have been dying throughout the series… people will and DO die in this book. I start bawling, look up and well this meme says it ALL!

Yes, I was bawling my eyes out and I almost reach over and wake my husband up to start yelling at him .. “WHAT THE HELL! I’M TOTALLY TRAUMATIZED HERE AND YOU JUST LAY THERE SLEEPING!!! YOU ARE SUCH AN ASS!”

Then just before I do… I start laughing at the total absurdity of that thought. I literally started laughing out loud.  Seriously, this was just too funny, now granted I’m emotionally scarred by this characters death and mourning the loss, but the fact I was going to wake him up and hell at him for not being there to comfort me for a death… in a book? Yes… that completely falls under “woman logic.”

The ending was … well I can’t really say much without spoilers, but I will say that the more I thought about the ending, the more I realized WHY Veronica Roth did what she did with the story. She stayed true to the characters themselves.

I highly recommend this series, along with a few others that you can find in the side bar here to the right. I am mourning the death of characters I loved, and a story that was wonderfully written by this debut writer.

That being said, my Divergent world hasn’t come to a full end yet. They have fished filming Divergent and it is scheduled to come out March 21, 2014. I will be there waiting anxiously. Here is the trailer.

I really like Theo James for Four / Tobias, but I am still holding out on Shailene Woodley for Tris. She doesn’t fit the “look” I personally envisioned for her, but I have not checking her out yet, because to be fair, I think she can pull off the stronger Tris that arrives later on in the series.

As always, the book will be better than the movie and I’m a high advocate for reading. I don’t care if they are hardback, paperback, on the computer, audiobook, or e-book. Whatever your medium, it’s all good.

Just READ!

Read a Book

PS: Feel free to discuss below, but please keep spoilers out of the comments for those who haven’t read or finished reading Allegiant yet.

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