My Weighty Story: Additude Bombing

So on Friday, I told you how I am going to relook at how I’m doing things, pick myself up by my britches and move forward, and I am, however, apparently my mood didn’t get the memo. APPARENTLY, subconsciously, I wasn’t able to just let it go, and it affected me much more than I had wanted, intended, or expected.

Saturday was lots of fun, and I was in a pretty good mood. I had my new mind set, or so I  thought, and I was off to have a fun day with one of my best friends , Mom and daughter. See I scrapbook and Saturday was our monthly scrapbook day. I even went prepared with my own lunch because the Consultant is one of my bestest friends and she was awesome enough to give me the heads up that lunch was going to be mac n cheese. Ie: TONS OF DAIRY = NOT GOOD FOR KIM.  We went for dinner at Chili’s and I had their Grilled Chicken Sandwich which was super super yummy, and decently healthy too. It would have been better if there wasn’t so much bread, but the honey mustard, grilled chicken and shredded lettuce, was DE-LICOUS! End of the day, I came out ahead on my calories and I was excited because Scrapbook Day is usually the day of that week that I ended up BLOWING it for food. SO TOTAL WIN! Plus since we were supposed to be getting a new washer put in ( which didn’t happen and that’s another story ) I had Wall-E with me for the day, which helped make me get up and take him outside for occasion potty breaks and stretching of the legs. So by the end of the day, I ended up passing 10K steps! WOOWOO! GO ME!

For whatever reason though, I didn’t sleep very well. I had a bunch of nightmares, and woke up a LOT. One thing I love about my FitBit is that I wear it at night and it tells me how well I slept. Well that was a sad smack in the face when I already woke up knowing I didn’t sleep well. When I synced it to my computer (yes I know you can sync it to your iPhone, but I have a 4, and it only syncs with a 4S and newer, but that hopefully can be fixed around Christmas time, anyways. ), it told me I only got about 3 hours of actual sleep, and was restless for 28 times, awake 4 times. UGGG! Well time to just go ahead and get started on the day. Worked on cleaning up the house while the husband unit and the kiddo went for a stroll with the puppino, and when they got home, the daughter unit and I headed over to my Mom’s for a project.

My Mom had the whole corner of her garage FULL of soda bottles, cat food cans, etc. Since the daughter unit is working on earning and saving money for a Dance Convention she wants to go to, her job was to get it all packed up into our truck and we would take it to the recycling.  We smashed, squished, and bagged it all up and amazingly, got it all into the back of our truck in one load. The best thing about it, since I was helping her smash down all the bottles, I was able to get quite the work out in. Felt great to get it all done, and the corner of the garage claimed back again.  Mom thanked us by taking us to lunch, then we headed home ( the recycle place wasn’t open on Sunday ).

By the time I got home, I was pooped, but like I said, feeling good. The Texans was switching the lead back and forth with the Chiefs, the Niners were playing well, and so since the husband unit had the Niner game on, I sat down and watched the Texans. Oh yea, did I mention I love watching football on Sundays.

The Niners are our favorite team, but ever since the NFL expanded and the Houston Texans came in, I figured I would “root for the underdog”. Well last year, they gave me pride and hope that they would be serious contenders this year. And yes… I had major alliance conflicts when the Niners and Texans played a couple weeks ago. That one was rough on me. Plus I had the added issue of being with my in-laws and everyone being hard Niner fans. In the end I wanted the Niners to win, because well.. HELLO!!! NINERS!, but I wanted it to be close game… however, it was not meant to be. ANYWAYS…… /rant off.

Well the husband unit was being pretty quiet behind me watching the Niners remembering how to play football and taking care of the Titans.  I actually wasn’t paying that much attention to that game, because I was too busy yelling and screaming at the Texans.  Now I love Alex Smith (QB for the Chiefs, and former Niner ), but nothing made me happier when the Texans intercepted that ball.  Apparently, I was cussing like a sailor and yelling and screaming a bit, as the husband unit asked me if I was feeling ok. When the Texans decided to fumble the ball during a sack in which the Chiefs recovered for a TD, I stomped off.

I didn’t feel crabby or cranky, but apparently I was.  APPARENTLY, I was stomping in and out of the house while I was doing laundry and putting it away. APPARENTLY, I was snippy, and just overall a not a joy to be around. WHAT?! Of course I’m a joy to be around! I am QUEEN KIMBERLY and everyone LOVES ME! (or its OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! ) Yes, it’s the off with their heads that kind of gives away the mood I was in.

By 4:30, I could feel it. You know those times when no matter how nice you intend for something to come out, it just comes off like you’re a lion leaping for the killing blow? Yup, that was me. The daughter unit retreated to her room, the husband unit kept his head down and hid at his computer desk in the living room. Heck! Even Prince Wall-E was “cowering” under the husband units feet because I was stomping around the house.

The problem was, apart from the obvious ….. I COULDN’T FIX IT!!! I tried. I really did. I tried to say things nicely, but the words just came out snippy and rude. So I decided to just keep my mouth shut and retreat to my hiddy hole, which in this case was my “play room” ( which has my sewing, scrapbooking and computer in it ). The other downside to this was that because I was in this “space” I grabbed a GIANT piece of the carrot cake I had made and was eating that.  The husband unit came in and saw me eating it, laughed and said, “You really are in a space, if you eat all of that. Just remember Chili and cornbread will be read in an hour or so. I love you.” Then slowly backed out of the room back to his computer desk in the living room.

It only got worse from then on out. I found myself getting mad because the laundry was drying fast enough, and started stomping around the house even more. I was also getting mad because I wasn’t zoning fast enough in my computer game, or because my XP bar wasn’t moving fast enough, and finally I started cussing this guy out who trained me in “The Hole” with about 300 mobs that promptly killed me. So I apologize to Lenadandar (if I spelled that right) on the Guk Server in EverQuest 2 for the royal chewing out I gave in shout last night.  I know that you were just running away from the Epic X4 that you had somehow managed to agro, I was just in a “space”.

So what is the point of this “blow-by-blow” of my weekend? Well it wasn’t until everyone else had gone to bed last night, and I was waiting for the last load of laundry to be finished that I realized that the only thing that was really bothering me, was that my weight wasn’t going down like I wanted, and I was frustrated. I had already made the decision to shake up what I’m doing, cut out most, if not all, milk products ( ok well let’s face it, I just love cheese and ice cream too much to fully give it up), and kick my bodies butt in workouts. BUT, I guess I let it get to me anyways.

Guess that means I’m not a superhero after all.


/puts cape back on the hook behind her door.

At least I have the Run or Dye 5K to look forward to this Saturday!

One thought on “My Weighty Story: Additude Bombing

  1. All people who have weight loss battle have a secret cape, didn’t you get the memo? Losing weight or lack there of is not easy, but we still get to wear the capes. 🙂

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