My Weighty Story: Week from …. and Weigh Day

Well this was the week from H…. E ……. DOUBLE HOCKYSTICKS!

There was Monday, Monday 2.0, Wednesday, Monday 3.0 and now Friday aka Monday 4.0. Ok so maybe not really Monday 4.0, but NOT what a Friday should be cracked up to be.

To top it off I got on that [insert VERY bad word] of a scale this morning and I’m up .2 pounds.

Ok Yes, I know that .2 isn’t much, and it very well could just be water weight, or the fact that I didn’t eat dinner last night till 8:30pm, which was WAY WAY WAY too late, but still.



Up….. then down …. then up … then up again … I am so tired of this.  Doesn’t seem fair. Why should we work so hard and then not have it show up on the scale. I know I’m not the only one. I see it happening to others too. It is just stupid….I think my body is used to what I’m doing. Its so infuriating! I was so angry earlier.

Note the word was… cuz see then I thought about how far I’ve come. Yup… ADDITUDE CHECK ON ISLE 4!!!!!

If you’ve been reading this ( or even have just read the intro to My Weighty Story ) then you know that just a year ago I was at my heaviest weight EVER, 285 lbs, just at Christmas last year. I still have my goal of being 200 lbs by Christmas in sights, and so far I’ve lost over 60 lbs, (and if I could just a few more pounds off, I’d hit that 70 mark! ).

THAT IS NO SMALL ACCOMPLISHMENT. I really have done very well, and much better than what some other people have done in that same time frame just due to health issues. I didn’t put this weight on overnight, its going to take some time to come off. I am still frustrated with the bouncing weight on the scale, but that is part of this. I know that.

So, I think it might be time to rev it up. If my body is comfy with what I’m doing now, then time to add in more (and different ) workouts. Time for some shock and awe on my body.

Ohhhh how it is gonna hate me!!!…

4 thoughts on “My Weighty Story: Week from …. and Weigh Day

  1. As long as you make two steps forward for every one step back you’re doing alright. Sounds like you’re doing an awesome job.

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only up & down. You’re doing fine, and the attitude is maybe what your body needs to listen to what you want it to do and not what it thinks you should do. lol… 🙂

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