Wall-E Tails: El Estero Park, Monterey

Hi. It’s me, Prince Wall-E Magnifico Puppino, today. You can just call me Wall-E though.

Mom is feeling a little scatter brained. Yes, more than usual.

I was able to go to work with Mom today, and I could tell she was really stressed out. Apparently, people were not bowing down to Mom like the Queen she is, and she was having to put those subjects in line.  Well, when she went to get a sandwich, she did the most awesomest thing.

SHE STOPPED AT EL ESTERO PARK in Monterey and we got to go for a WALK!

I like that place. I usually get to go with my cousins, Huckleberry and Penelope, but they were at Grandma’s house, and Mom said that Grandma was working when I started looking for them.

Anyways, I got to smell all the smelly smells on the path today.

AND MAN! There are a lot of them!

The lake at the park has resident ducks and geese and swans ( or at least that’s what Mom calls them, I just call them “things that need chased and smelled” ).  I checked them out, and ran a bit on the grass, and smelled all those smelly smells. Why? Because they are smelly! That’s why?! Silly Hoomans.

I watched all those things with wings flap around and play in the water, but I was a good boy and didn’t chase one of them or even go jump into the lake. I mean, why would I WANT to go and get wet. I don’t like being wet. Plus Mommy was already stressed out and I didn’t want to make it worse.

It was so much fun, even if I did have to go on the scary bridge. They have a path for us to walk on separate from the cars, but its wood planks and they are scary. They move and make noise. I just walked fast and tried to show Mommy what a big boy I am, but I know I wasn’t fooling her, she knew I was ascareded.

Mommy took some pictures of our time there and have asked her to put them up for you to see. If you ever go to Monterey, California, its defiantly somewhere you should stop and take a walk. It will make you feel so much better. I know it did for Mommy. Plus there are all those smelly smells that need smelled.






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