Netflix Customer Service Rep is Awesome

I am a Geek. I have mentioned this before, and I saw this on my Facebook and reposted it, but I have to share it here.

It is just sooo hilarious, and I wish more Customer Service Reps were like this guy. He is so full of WIN!

geek island radio


Next time you go on Netflix costumer service chat be sure to ask for Cpt. Mike 

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4 thoughts on “Netflix Customer Service Rep is Awesome

  1. What an awesome customer service rep. I wish Captain Mike would come and take care of the Parks and Recreation issues around here. They’re mostly not running at all.

    1. I think Netflix in general is having issues. I’m having issues with Firefly and Sherlock ( both of which I’ve watched a hundred times on there ) skipping or looping on certain episodes.

      I agree that was one heck of a cool rep though. I mean, why not have fun at your job?

      1. Netflix seems to be working fine here, but all the federal parks are closed. I think we need some humor in our government. Maybe things would run better.

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