My Weighty Story: Weigh Day 10/11/13

I’m gonna keep this short today. The bottom line is I only posted my mid – week blog yesterday because I was sick, so there isn’t really all that much to tell, but I am trying to stay on schedule.

This week the scale was a cruel reminder of exactly how much you have to move in order to lose weight. I was sick ( yes, was, I’m feeling MUCH better today), and because of such I didn’t move at all what I should have. The two days I wasn’t feeling well I was under 3,000 steps!  ( Thank you to my new FitBit I got last week, for letting me know how much I sucked at moving those two days )

I also didn’t really eat the way I was supposed to because I wasn’t feeling well. I ate when I felt hungry, and just enough to stave off hunger, so not really much in the way of meals for a couple of days. Plus, last night I caved and had Archie’s for dinner which included a full fledged non-healthy burger and REAL ONION RINGS! WELL DUH! No wonder the scale hated me this morning!

I gained a pound, only, I’m not POSITIVE its a real pound. I’m very puffy, and my left foot is twice the size it usually is when I’m retaining water. So I’m hoping that after I get the chance to move around this weekend (which I plan on doing as I have much planned this weekend), that I’ll be able to burn off that water weight. If not, then I may end up resorting to a Lasix on Monday to see if that helps.

So I leave you with this.

Work Hard, Eat SMART, enjoy your treats in MODERATION, and walk out that front door and keep moving. It is all worth it in the end. As my moto is right now;

There are no medals in life. So get back on that horse and ride hard!


(OH How I miss horseback riding!)

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